Brave faces Google with its own 100% private search engine: now available in beta

The Brave browser broadens your horizons with its new web browser. Like Google, although focused entirely on privacy: Brave ensures that it does not track users, does not create profiles to associate them with advertising and it is independent from other companies, always according to Brave. And it can already be tested in its beta Android app.

As much as it has diversified its business, including going into hardware development and manufacturing, Google is, at its core, an advertising company where its web browser stands out as its own entity. Through this search engine, Google offers not only results, but also advertising and an open door to the data that each search gives off. It is the majority search engine even though there are other options, such as Bing or DuckDuckGo. And now a new contender enters the seeker arena: Brave. Do you want to use it?

Brave Search is now available in Brave for Android beta

Brave Finder

The new Brave seeker is integrated into the beta version of the browser for Android, it can also be used from any other device just by accessing its website: ''. Its appearance is not too different from Google since it offers a column with results and different top options with which to filter by search type. Of course, in the operation there are great differences.

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Brave ensures that its new search engine is 100% private since neither uses user data nor associates them with advertising profiles. What's more:

  • The Brave search engine is independent and does not rely on technologies from other companies to function.

  • Currently there are no ads, but soon there will be; with the option to do without them thanks to a subscription.

  • Brave ensures that the search and page screening algorithms will be public. They also ensure that their technology maintains diversity and prevents censorship.

  • The search is integrated into the Brave browser without compromising privacy and allowing the personalization of results.

Brave search, which is in testing, can currently be used within the desktop and mobile beta browsers, it can also be used directly from the web. As he clarifies in an article on his blog, Brave Search points in the opposite direction to that of the Google search engine- Intended to be transparent, private, and with the option to avoid ads between results

Brave Google Duckduckgo search engine
Search engine comparison. Brave Image

To choose the Brave search engine you need to download the Android beta. Then go to the settings, go to 'Search Engines' and choose Brave Search from the standard tab, incognito or both. The results are still very limited and far from Google's, but they will improve as the new search engine is used.

Brave Browser (Beta)

Brave Browser (Beta)

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