Best 8 apps for kids to learn to code

In an era dominated by technology, lean on digital systems that allow you to complement the training and education of your children, without a doubt it is one of the best decisions you can make.

Now, what better way to give them the opportunity to take their first steps in this world than by learning to code?

Therefore, today we present you the best 8 apps to learn to code that will make the little ones awaken their creativity, curiosity and develop a lot of skills.

Top 8 Apps for Kids to Learn to Code-3

Best 8 apps for kids to learn to code

The 8 best apps for kids to learn to code

  • Bit by bit
  • Scratch Jr.
  • Lightbot
  • SoloLearn
  • The Foos
  • Schedule games for kids
  • LEGO - MINDSTORMS EV3 Programmer
  • Code Adventures

Inside of Google Play Store On Android you will find different apps that will allow you to teach the little ones reading and writing techniques and they even show you apps to learn numbers and count.

6 kid-friendly apps perfect for learning fun

However, you can also find applications that explain the concepts and basic elements of programming. Even so, we recommend these apps as the most complete and fun.

Bit by bit

Bit by bit

An easy and fun game to learn to code

The first application on this list and one of the best that exists for users to kids learn to code it is Bit by bit. It has a very simple mechanics but excellent for the little ones to develop their skills.

And although at first its interface seems somewhat confusing, it has been developed with the help of children, parents and educators, it is ideal for those little ones who have not yet mastered reading or writing and can test your creativity, since through different puzzles can advance level, carrying the colored bits to their destination.

It is primarily intended to give children the opportunity to learn programming and technology terms, enhancing their abstract and logical thinking, applied to the Problem resolution.

Scratch Jr

An application that can not be missing is Scratch Jr, inspired by the popular Scratch programming language, which is widely used by young people around the world. Provides little ones with ages between 5 and 7 years, the possibility of create your own games and stories through interactive games using programming blocks.

With this app, they can take their first steps in the world of technology while having fun playing. Thanks to a very simple interface, the children will modify the character, even adding their own voice and a photo of themselves to further identify with the story.

The main objective of this system is to enhance the cognitive development, personal, social and emotional of the little ones. It is totally free for Android, although if you wish, you can perform donations to Scratch Foundation directly from the app.


Lightbot to learn to program

Lightbot: Hour of Code

It is a excellent alternative for the children to enter the programming world in an easy and fun way. Lightbot is a game in which the child must make his robot (Boybot or Girlbot) light up the whole scene and for this, you must use and interact with some commands used in basic programming.

The elemental controls from Lightbot they are moving, rotating, turning on the light, and jumping. However, it is not that straightforward, and it defies analytical and cognitive ability of the little one, helping him to enhance his development. It is primarily intended for children over 9 years of age and it's totally free for Android.


Although it is not properly a game, SoloLearn has an incredible content library dedicated to The programing, where you can find very valuable information from basic to professional level.

In itself, you will find thousands of topics related to this professional area, with concepts and information that will help you expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. So if your child is over 8 years old, this app is a good alternative to know programming language, Algorithms and data structures.

Schedule games for kids

Let the children learn the basics of programming through a super fun app as it is Schedule games for kids. It helps you in problem solving, cognitive development and stimulates logical thinking through fun games.

This app includes 11 different games, in which children will learn programming by becoming a fictional character, among them we can mention a little firefighter or monster dentist, who will help you create sequences, loops and functions. All of them in order to perfect their conflict resolution skills and manage to stimulate memory.



Application to create and program your EV3 robots

A perfect app for kids over 8 years old, but that can perfectly make you a fan of it, because, realistically, who does not like to play with Lego? In any case, it is a simple, complete and fun app to use.

It's about a digital puzzle game in which the little ones must program every step and action the robot will take to complete the different challenges. It has simple and intuitive controls and a difficulty that will increase as you progress through the game.

Code Adventures

It is an app that has been developed with the help of educators and that has been tested in different educational centers with the idea of ​​not only create a knowledge base based on programming, but to enhance logical thinking, problem solving, patience, persistence and self-confidence.

It is intended for children with ages between 6 and 12 years, focuses on different carefully designed puzzles that represent the 5 basic categories of programming.

Through 32 levels full of sounds and humor, different characters and a colorful environment, the little ones will be able to develop, improve their knowledge and skills. Available for Android.

Code Karts - Learn to think like a coder

The last of the applications is designed to children over 4 years old, where through a series of logic puzzles they must carry out a race. The main objective is to use the steering blocks to get the car to the finish line, making use of observation and logical thinking.

Find 70 levels (10 free), obstacles, a intuitive interface adapted for the little ones and two different game modes (classic and competition), learning and entertainment are guaranteed.

Now that you know all these apps for kids to learn to code, let your child have fun learning through different themes and games that will help you to promote your development and to interact with the technological world. If you liked this article, take a look at the best apps for adults to learn to code.

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