As of today, LG no longer manufactures or will manufacture any more mobile phones

LG confirms that its mobile factories have ceased production of devices, after meeting the last scheduled deliveries on May 31.

If you had been disconnected you should know that yes, indeed, it is official that LG is leaving the smartphone market and in fact this important disconnection is taking place right now. Not in vain, LG confirms that its factories have stopped producing smartphones and with it the LG Mobile blackout continues its course.

At least, the South Korean firm has promised to maintain the support of its smartphones within the previously announced deadlines, and while, in the industry, we remember the follies and daring of LG already with the nostalgia of knowing that one of the firms closes the blind. braver and one that, without a doubt, we will miss a lot for its always differential devices.

The LG Wing

The curious LG Wing, the latest great LG technological innovation in the mobile industry.

In any case, in these last days the hype around LG Mobile had grown a bit after the announcement that his unborn mobiles were going to be sold to his employees at popular prices, unleashing the madness for LG Rollable Y LG Velvet Pro 2 that cannot be resold and they will surely end up as collector's items.

LG begins the disconnection of its smartphone business, discontinuing the production of mobile phones in its factories after fulfilling its contracts and shipments on May 31.

LG is selling its unreleased mobiles to its employees, and unleashes the madness for its prices

Today's news was advanced to us by PhoneArena, informing that LG Mobile no longer makes or will manufacture mobile phones ever again, after ceasing production at its plants on May 31.

So it seems that the dissolution process of LG's telephony division continues its course, after completing the previous contracts that they had signed with several telecommunications operators, to which the last agreed units were delivered. The South Korean company itself officially announced it:

At the end of May, the delivery of the quantities contracted with the telecommunications companies has been completed, and production will end as scheduled. LG Electronics.

However, this does not mean that you will no longer see LG smartphones on store shelves, since sales will continue until stock runs out, LG confirming that will maintain support for software updates and hardware repairs that is necessary during the announced and legally established deadlines.

Thus, it is expected that LG Mobile completes the lights off on July 31, leaving only the after-sales support operations that we indicated before active from here.

About the vietnam plant where the majority of LG terminals were assembled, it also seems to confirm that will not cease activities staying under the umbrella of LG Electronics waiting for the adaptation of its production lines to manufacture household appliances from the next few weeks. Employees will not be fired either.

Good news this last one, although we can already program that minute of silence for an LG Mobile that, with great sorrow, abandons us, leaving us orphans of experiments like the Optimus 3D, the LG Flex, the LG G5 or the latest LG Wing.

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