Apple Music will soon enjoy its new star function on Android

Spatial audio and its immersive experience presented by Apple will soon be on Apple Music for Android devices.

The streaming has led the revolution to the music industry, and incidentally, pioneers like Spotify have received numerous competition, including YouTube Music Premium and Apple Music, the proprietary services of Google and Apple itself.

In fact, it is that Apple continues to improve its streaming musical now with audio lossless and a vaunted function called Spatial Audio, and that promises to bring us closer to the future almost as stereo audio did in its day compared to mono.

Apple Music pocophone

Very soon you will be able to have 'Spatial Audio' on Apple Music, also on Android terminals.

They claim from Apple that its “spatial audio” will transform the music with a much more immersive experience in which the sound moves around us- even compatible with wireless headphones - in a theater-like experience now moving to music playback.

In any case, announced in May, this novelty had not been specified for the service outside the Apple ecosystem, something that we can now confirm thanks to MacRumors, who discovered the clue of the Ad of 'Spatial Audio' with Dolby Atmos for the Apple Music app that those of Cupertino have on Android.

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It won't be instant like hardware made by Apple itself, but do not despair if you use Apple Music on Android because it will come sooner rather than later:

All Apple Music subscribers using the latest version of Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV can listen to thousands of Dolby Atmos songs with any headphone. When listening to music with a compatible iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro, or when connecting Apple TV 4K to a compatible TV or AV receiver. Android is coming very soon.

Apple Music with Spatial Audio on Android

Obviously it's the first mention of Google's mobile platform and no availability dates offered nor more specific deadlines than that "It will come very soon", Y The requirements that will be in Android have not been revealed either for Apple Music to be compatible with 'Spatial Audio'. On iOS, versions 14.6 or later are required, the same as on iPadOS and tvOS, while on macOS it works from version 11.4.

To highlight that Android is also not mentioned on Apple Music support page, with indications and instructions only for Apple operating systems ... We can only keep waiting!

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