Apple insists on using a CRT monitor with a BSOD to identify Windows PCs on macOS Monterey

On June 7, Apple announced the arrival of macOS Monterey during its annual WWDC 2021 developer conference. The next version of Apple's desktop operating system will arrive with exciting news and will be available this fall.

Things like Universal Control will change the way we can interact with multiple Apple devices at the same time, what won't change is the troll attitude (it can not be called otherwise) of the company with respect to other systems such as Windows and Android. In a "joke" they have been doing since 2007, Apple continues to poke fun at Windows and its users with this ridiculous icon to identify Windows 10 PCs on a network.

They would rather alter the consistency of their icons than remove this childish joke

Our colleague Antonio commented on it after having updated to macOS Big Sur, an update that we know of, changed all the system icons in pursuit of that complete Mac design makeover.

And yet, despite having a whole new range of icons with a very defined style and a lot of consistency, if you connect a Windows computer to your network and you want to search for it in macOS, the icon that identifies it is still a CRT monitor from the middle ages, plus a blue screen of death (BSOD).

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An icon that breaks that consistency and that persists on macOS Monterey, as the Twitter user could see @borogeek, which has been testing the developer beta of the operating system.

These are small details, but for a company that loves to show off precisely how they pay attention to every last detail of their products and services, it is obviously a decision not to change that icon once and for all.

It never ceases to be at least interesting to see how Apple comes out when it comes to representing the competition in this type of event. The image that they have used to show FaceTime working in Windows 10 and Android is another gem, although quite far from the icon in macOS.

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