Amazon will end those sleepless nights with this curious light

Dodow is a luminous metronome that calms you down on sleepless nights and helps you fall asleep.

Sleeping is essential in the day to day, as it helps us to rest both body and mind. For those sleepless nights in which not even counting sheep works, we propose this luminous dodow metronome, a light that helps you sleep better. Its original price is 49.90 euros, although at the moment it is on offer at Amazon for 45.48 euros.

The objective of this curious device is to get you to sleep well at night 100% natural with an exercise that can last 8 or 20 minutes. In addition, it also helps you calm your mind when it is restless. Let's get to know how this light works specifically.

Goodbye to sleepless nights

This luminous metronome from Dodow helps you fall asleep.

The operation of this Dodow light is as follows: when you go to sleep, you have to touch the touch panel once to activate the 8-minute mode or twice for the 20-minute mode. Then you have to synchronize your breathing with the light projected on the ceiling, inspiring when it expands and expiring when it gets smaller.

Thus, the luminous metronome helps to slow down your breathing, calm your mind and help you fall asleep. When the exercise is over, the light turns off automatically. Also, the light intensity of Dodow is very low, so does not prevent the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Without a doubt, a very useful instrument that can be of great help on sleepless nights.

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