Although it was released in 2014, there are currently 300 people still using the OnePlus One

Almost like the 300 Spartans, there are a similar number of OnePlus One still working ... The original 'flagship killers' are still alive seven years later!

Chinese manufacturers seem to like to compete in everything, and if a few days ago it was Lei Jun who revealed that there were still more than 2 million Xiaomi Mi 6 active in the world, the truth is that OnePlus can also boast, because while the Xiaomi device dates from 2017, Her first flagship killer from 2014 is still alive around the planet.

We are not talking about the same volume, and it is that the OnePlus One says Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, that there are about 300 active users, without specifying many more details and without delving into the subject that interests us most these days, which is none other than the merger of OnePlus and OPPO.

Black back of the OnePlus One

The black back of the OnePlue One, the first 'flagship killer' in the history of the Chinese manufacturer.

As the colleagues from GizmoChina told us, the CEO of OnePlus himself boasted of continuing to use the OnePlus 5 of 2017, a contemporary of Xiaomi's Mi 6, with a still satisfying and smooth experience, and that despite the fact that neither of the two terminals already has official update support by both firms.

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The truth is that we can affirm that I'm sure there will be many more OnePlus One active globally, although most likely by now use custom ROMs that make it impossible to recognize them as active devices by the Chinese manufacturer.

In fact, it is that both the Mi 6 from Xiaomi and the first OnePlus signed sales successes globally, so perhaps it is logical to think that certainly many users have kept their devices active, after the official support ceased, using the kitchen of the scene and custom ROMs how much they offered us at the beginning of the Android platform.

300 OnePlus One are still active in 2021

According to Pete Lau, some 300 units of the OnePlus One are still active around the planet.

So, if you are one of those early birds who tasted the honeys of the first flagship killer With its scandalous price, you know that if it is in a drawer you can keep it alive with proper performance flashing any of the ROMs available in xda-devs or similar communities, although that will prevent Pete Lau and his boast more units turned on seven years later.

For now, and in case you want remember what OnePlus offered us in its beginnings back in 2014, with its popular 'Never Settle' By flag, we leave you the presentation video of the OnePlus One:

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