AliExpress and Xiaomi bring you something that will revolutionize the way you take photos

Take your selfies to another dimension with this Xiaomi selfie stick with shutter, camera switch and zoom buttons for sale on AliExpress.

Xiaomi presented in March 2021 an advanced device to improve the photographs you take of yourself with your mobile, that is, what we all know as a selfie stick. Now, this device to revolutionize your photos can be yours for only 18 euros on AliExpress, with free shipping included.

The Xiaomi selfie stick has the most interesting tools so that your self-portraits with the smartphone are of high quality, such as a removable remote control with which you can control zoom and also switch between front and rear cameras. The previous version of Xiaomi's selfie stick was a success, but this one will not be left behind by offering even better features.

Take your selfies to another level with this Xiaomi selfie stick

Improve your selfies with the help of this advanced Xiaomi selfie stick.

The renewed Xiaomi selfie stick is made of an aluminum alloy that reduces its weight to 161 grams, making it a more comfortable device to hold with one hand for a long time. That lighter weight does not undermine your resistanceWhat's more, it is a selfie stick that will better withstand possible bumps and falls.

But let's get to the important thing: its functions. Xiaomi's selfie stick, which too acts as a tripod, it has some buttons with which you can zoom in or out of the camera of the mobile that is connected. Of course, you can also take pictures from a distance, with the novelty that it allows you easily switch between front and rear camera without having to touch the smartphone.

The selfie stick maintains some of the characteristics that catapulted its previous version to success, such as 360º rotation to take pictures in any direction. Without a doubt, a gadget that you cannot miss if you like taking selfies and thus not having to depend on the help of other people.

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