Adobe launches a new 3D design suite integrated into the Creative Cloud ecosystem, with which to make this technology more accessible

"For many years, creatives have viewed 3D as simultaneously exciting and forbidden […] something that stimulated our imagination, but that we could not imagine using ourselves. This last year that has changed. "

According to Adobe, many companies have started betting on 3D during these pandemic months That have prevented many photo shoots from being carried out. When fashion brands were forced to go for 3D 'virtual photography' instead, found this technology to be "faster, cheaper and more scalable" than what they had thought.

In Adobe's eyes, the pandemic has ushered in a "new era of 3D creativity," one that will lead to revolutionize not only fashion catalogs, also virtual and augmented reality, through detailed immersive worlds ...

… And the veteran software company wants to take advantage of this new trend "connecting 3D technology to the Creative Cloud ecosystem" and eliminating much of its complexity by resorting to the use of artificial intelligence.

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Substance + Adobe Dimension + Creative Cloud =

And for this they announce the launch of Adobe Substance 3D Collection, a new suite of interoperable tools and services based on Substance, a software acquired by Adobe two years ago and which has been used in the 3D designs of many video games and movies (from Microsoft Flight Simulator to Blade Runner 2049).

This new suite will be composed, in the beginning of five tools (and will launch a sixth in beta mode):

  • Adobe Substance 3D Stager: Based on the old Adobe Dimension, Stager will allow you to easily assemble material models and lighting to create complete 3D scenes.

3D Scene

3D scene created with Adobe Substance 3D.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Sampler: Based on Substance Alchemist, it allows us to simplify the creation of materials, using photos to extract and modify the textures that we will then apply to the 3D objects.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter: In Adobe's words, "the Photoshop of 3D", it allows you to apply and customize the textures and materials created with Sampler.

Substance Painter Ui

Adobe Substance 3D Painter interface.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Designer: With Designer we will be able to create textures and materials from scratch… as well as the 3D models on which we will apply them.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Asset Library: It is a collection made up of thousands of 3D elements (models, lights, materials) that we can use and customize in our work. "The models include all kinds of things, from a rusty screwdriver to an airplane cabin wall."

Substance 3d Assets Ui

Collection of models and textures of the suite.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Modeler: This tool, which will be available as a private beta, is a modeling tool that will allow us to create our own 3D objects using a virtual reality interface that will allow us to interact with the model we are creating.

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