According to Tim Cook, Android has 47 times more malware than iOS

Is what Tim Cook says true?

One of the advantages of Android over the competition, is your greatest degree of freedom. In Android we can do practically everything, something that carries a greater risk, especially if the user is not very expert. Quite the opposite of iOS, a closed operating system and you can hardly play with it.

The greatest danger that this freedom entails is the malware present on Android. Although Google has been very serious in this matter, the truth is that one of the biggest problems that Android has is this itself, the malware that not only appears when installing applications from external sources but also in Google's own app store.

And of course, at Apple any time is good to attack Android in this regard. As for example in a recent interview with Tim Cook in which he has come to affirm that Android has up to 47 times more malware than iOS.

According to Apple CEO, Android has 47 times more malware than iOS

Tim Cook explains in an interview why Apple accepts Google money on iOS

Tim Cook stokes Android again

If there is a war that seems to never end that's the one for Android and iOS. Any time is a good time to stoke the rival and this is demonstrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In a recent interview, Cook did not miss the opportunity to tell about the benefits of iOS over Android. For Cook, the operating system of the bitten apple is designed in such a way that all applications are reviewed and that none of them can evade the tight control of the App Store. Quite the opposite of Android that, as we already know, allows you to install applications outside the Play Store. Hence, none of them have malware.

It goes on to say that Apple has been focusing on privacy for decades and will continue to do so, because there is still a lot to improve in this aspect, something that undoubtedly does not like much in the bosom of Facebook.

Returning to the topic at hand, although there are many who praise that iOS is free of malware, others consider that an operating system of these characteristics is almost insulting. One of the main critics of Apple is the founder of Telegram which considers that using an iPhone is like going back to the Middle Ages.

Be that as it may, both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses so the choice is ours alone. We are the users who must choose the operating system that best suits our needs. Remember, no one decides for you.

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