a website to download free and open source software that hosts more than 7 thousand projects

When looking for websites to download free programs it is not ideal to enter the first one that appears thereEspecially if you use Windows and you may end up downloading and installing malware on your computer without realizing it.

In Genbeta we have previously talked about excellent options such as FossHub, which hosts free and open source software, and this time we want to talk about the Open Source Development Network (OSDN), a platform for hosting for open source projects where you can find thousands of programs.

More than 7,000 independent software projects


OSDN is a free service for open source developers. The platform offers SVN / Git / Mercurial / Bazaar / CVS repositories, mailing lists, bug tracking system, bulletin board, forum, website hosting, released file download service, permanent file storage, full backup, shell environment and a space to manage projects executed on the web.

All of this is offered free to the developer thanks to the cooperation of organizations that support the creation and development of open source software. For independent developers it is an excellent resource, and for the user a site where to find open and little-known software.

The best websites to download free programs

The web does not have the best design in the world, and the navigation is a bit clumsy in some aspects, but from the software map you can find all the projects organized by categories so that you can orient yourself when it comes to finding something.

In OSDN you find many programs of all kinds, although the most popular are those related to the Internet, software development, multimedia, systems, engineering / scientific, communications, text editors and software for the office and business.

Many programs are listed on the OSDN and can be downloaded directly from the site, while there is a whole other collection of listed programs that you can download from external websites. And something that you are going to notice a lot is that there are many forks of well-known programs, and many tools from developers from Asian countries.

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