9 best portable photo printers for your mobile (2021)

With these portable printers we can print our favorite images from the smartphone without using cables.

Photography has become essential on mobile phones to the point that many prefer to use this type of device instead of compact cameras. And it is that it gives you the possibility of taking photos more comfortably, because you only have to carry your mobile - something that you normally do. But did you know that you can print your photos right after taking them? That's right, thanks to portable photo printers there is this option.

It is not necessary to go home, transfer these photos to the computer and then use the printer of a lifetime, since with these portable printers compatible with smartphones, we will have all our snapshots at any time and place. We recommend some of the best you can buy.

Kodak Mobile Printer

Print photos anywhere with your mobile and these portable printers.

Top of best portable photo printers for your mobile

These portable photo printers connect to your smartphone in seconds, without the need for cables. In addition, they stand out for offering photographs with colors true to the natural image, with a good level of shine and durable over time.

Kodak and Canon are the best known brands, but there are other very interesting models. We will talk about all of them below, because it is time to know the Top Features of the Best Portable Photo Printers of the moment.

  • Instax 16640670
  • Polaroid Zip
  • Kodak Mini 2 HD Photo Printer
  • Kodak KOD-MP2B
  • Buyounger Mobile Printer
  • Xiaomi TEJ4018GL Printer
  • Lifeprint: Portable Printer
  • Dodocool Mini Printer
  • Canon Selphy CP1300

Instax 16640670

This Instax mobile printer stands out for superb quality you print with the pictures. This, added to the possibility of connecting in a few seconds with your mobile, makes it a great option to have your favorite photographs on paper whenever you want. Its size also plays in favor of your purchase, as it is a printer of very small size that you can comfortably carry in your bag or backpack. Keep in mind that it only weighs 209 grams, similar to a mobile.

Forget about cables, as this printer connects wirelessly to your smartphone. It works with a rechargeable battery, and has more than 25 templates of designs to get more diverse photographs.

Polaroid Zip

Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, this beautiful portable printer allows printing from the phone via Bluetooth or NFC Thanks to its ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, without ink, cartridges and ribbons.

This Polaroid printer can also be used to print stickers, as it has a fold-out adhesive paper. It has the capacity to print some 25 photos measuring 5 x 7.6 cm. It works with a battery that takes about an hour and a half to charge.

Kodak Mini 2 HD Photo Printer

Another good portable photo printer that you can connect to your smartphone is this one from Kodak, which no need for cables or buttons, and get photos printed with high image quality. It is a compact model, and can be connected to the mobile via Bluetooth or NFC in just a few seconds. To do this, you have to download the free Kodak app.

You should also know about this portable printer that it uses the 4Pass technology, which enables you to print photos with the closest color to the original image. It also adds a coating layer at the end of the printing procedure that increases the durability of the printed photograph.

Kodak KOD-MP2B

Kodak brand is this KOD-MP2B model, with a compact and discreet design in black. It weighs 227 grams, so you can always carry it with you without being annoying. It is a mini printer, which prints photographs at size 2.1 x 3.4 inches.

Thanks to easy printing technology, the device Produces vibrant, long-lasting, high-quality prints in less than a minute. It uses the d2t2 tint diffusion transfer method to keep photos bright for many years, and you can connect it to your smartphone through the free Kodak app.

Buyounger Mobile Printer

Another good option for taking printed photos on the spot is this portable printer from Buyounger, with a compact size that is very comfortable to always carry with you. In addition to being affordable, it offers a 203 dpi image resolutionIt has a 1,000 mAh battery and can be easily connected to the mobile via Bluetooth.

With this printer you can not only print photos, it also serves to print labels, QR codes, lists or messages. As a highlight, this printer can also be connect to PC via USB cable to print photos that you have stored there.

Xiaomi TEJ4018GL Printer

We know that Xiaomi has a very varied product catalog and yes, it also has its own portable photo printer. It is this model, with a very small size and a weight that barely reaches the 181 grams. It uses thermal printing technology to produce high-quality photos, with a 300 dpi resolution.

The printing speed of this device is 45 seconds per image, and allows the sending files via Bluetooth from 3 smartphones different. What does this mean? That you can connect with your friends to take the best photos that you have captured during your meeting. As a final detail, this printer has a 500 mAh battery.

Lifeprint: Portable Printer

This Lifeprint portable printer is also a good choice, first of all, thanks to its small footprint that makes it the ultimate ideal accessory for trips, excursions, meetings with friends or concerts. Why? Because you can have your favorite photos on paper at the same time in 2 × 3 size, you just have to connect your smartphone with the Lifeprint app.

You can print your photos directly from social networks, and share the use of the printer with your loved ones, as it supports the simultaneous connection of several users via Bluetooth. It comes with a photo editing package so you can add filters, stickers and memes to the images.

Mono printer Dodocool

If you are not looking for an advanced portable photo printer, just one to take specific photos without spending a lot of money, this one from Dodocool can be an interesting choice. Have a very nice design, with a small dark blue logo in the middle of the device. In addition, it can be quickly connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to turn your best memories on paper.

It is a printer that you can use in the long term, because printing paper can last up to 10 years in perfect condition. It is easy to charge via USB cable, and also easy to use: just press the star button for a few seconds, connect your smartphone and send the photos you want to print.

Canon Selphy CP1300

One of the best portable photo printers that you can buy for your mobile is this Canon Selphy CP1300, which prints photographs quality and durable in less than a minute. Of this model we also like its "Automatic Optimization" mode, which improves the quality of the images you send without having to do anything so that they always look perfect.

Thanks to the free Canon Print app, you can connect your mobile to the printer to quickly take your favorite photos. The device includes screen in which you will see the final appearance of the image, output tray and set templates to get different designs.

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