8 best boxing games for Android (2021)

If you want to learn boxing, or enjoy building your own robot and fighting an epic battle, take a look at our selection of boxing games for Android.

For the boxing lovers, Google Play offers a wide variety of games available for Android, from fighting based on official matches even disputes with boxing robots.

They are games with free download, with 3D graphics that will help you to closely distinguish the various boxing techniques and where you can choose a fighter, hire your coach and learn maneuvers and movements.

The best boxing games for Android

The best boxing games for Android

All the games are filled with a lot action and adventure for you to have fun while learning different ways to how to attack your opponent and get to know all the champions of this popular sport.

The 8 best fighting games for Android you can download in 2021

Top 8 boxing games for Android

  • Boxing Star
  • Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk
  • Big Shot Boxing
  • Real Boxing 2
  • Boxing fight: Real fist
  • Punch Boxing - Boxing 3D
  • Boxing - Fighting Clash
  • Real Steel Boxing Champions

With these apps you will learn various techniques with which you can defeat your enemies and become a Box Champion. Perfect your fighter by turning him into one more opponent strong, resistant and agile with these fabulous boxing games for android.

Boxing Star


It is a game made to history mode to meet amazing characters from the world of boxing. It presents good quality graphics, with street fights and type fights. Pay-Per-View where it is possible to give personality to your boxer.

In addition, you can use uppercuts, hooks, Mega punches and jabs; fight in a league with other players, join a Fight Club, complete daily or weekly missions and get rewards. Download and play Boxing Star for free or buy bonus content for real money.

Boxing Gym Story


East Boxing game for Android was developed by KairoSoft, its charming story takes place in a gym where the boxer trains to acquire various skills, achieve performance in tournaments and demonstrate your ability through smart movements.

The app includes spa baths, luxury cafes, special gym, fan marketing, trainers for rent, customization and full zoom. In addition, it is completely free and very easy to install.

Big Shot Boxing


In this boxing game you should fight until classify and make a career in the Boxing Hall of Fame. You need to select a fighter, find a coach and practice some movements. Hit your opponent combined cross, jab or uppercut.

Stun your enemy with a knockout and get points; if you fall, you have 10 seconds to get up. Put your skills into practice as health, power, recovery and chin. Customize your boxer with boots, gloves and shorts; Win matches and titles by unlocking achievements.

Real Boxing 2


If you're passionate about sports this game is for you; face great boxing champions and battle against players worldwide, in various events, with single or multiplayer fights and tournaments to Career mode.

Learn to hit short, overhead, body and hook shots or create combinations to knock out your opponent; choose your fighting style, earn customizable changes as you progress, create your fighting character choosing his muscles and even the color of his eyes.

Fight in real time, alone or with friends and win prizes in the Daily Lottery; create the MMO fighting game with Unreal Engine 4 technology. The app works best on high-end computers and requires a good Internet connection.

Boxing fight: Real fist


Is a app with real boxing, where more than 30 famous boxers. It has a system to update characters and improve health, strength, defense, speed and resistance.

Customize your boxer with 95 boxing suits, experience the real fist in 3D and throw Cross, uppercut and heavy blows to knock down the opponent.

Punch Boxing - Boxing 3D


Become a the king of the punch fighting with more than 30 famous boxing figures that await you to challenge you. It doesn't matter if you are novice or professional, thanks to this game you will have real boxing experiences battling rivals from all over the world.

Try throwing different shots, from direct, transversal and vertical. What's more learn to dodge, to defend yourself and take on new challenges.

Accounts with more than 120 boxing teams to choose from, 30 boxing champions to fight and a excellent image quality.

Boxing - Fighting Clash


Excellent next generation video game that takes place in a boxing and physical training club dedicated to the greatest. It has Boxing Fitness classes guided by USA Boxing coaches for you to learn real boxing with self defense skills.

You receive full body workout in each class and for each muscle group, with real boxing skills, allowing you to obtain fast and permanent results.

The classes are aimed at people of any physical level adaptable to each of the participants. Download the app for free and experience a legendary training.

Real Steel Boxing Champions


A wonderful boxing game that invites the adventure and action carrying out strong combats by means of a robot that you build yourself. Summon your favorite heroes like Midas, Atom, Zeus, NoisyBoy and Atom Prime and attack your opponent with special blows from your heroes.

Battle in the kingdom of robots, Defeat Legends of the New Age Real Steel already an enigmatic superior boss; create your own identity joining sections chosen from more than 1500 parts of 32 robots between legs, arms, hands and torsos.

The app offers a tournament with 25 fights, 30 colossal challenges, a Rip Off in record time against the clock in 120 fights. In addition, skills are presented in unlimited training mode. So own the legends of Real steel and live the best boxing experiences worthy of champions.

You may download one or more boxing games if you are passionate about this sport and want to learn from it. In addition to witnessing fights in the ring, you can learn skills based on real combat and offered by the best boxers in the world such as Muhammad Ali, Pacquiao or Sugar Ray.

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