6 Questions And Answers About The End Of Free Unlimited Storage Of Googe Photos

The end of the free unlimited storage of Google Photos leaves a series of questions that we answer here.

Google Photos now does not offer free unlimited storage to all users with a Google account. Since June 1, this wonderful option is no longer available, which leaves us a series of doubts on the already present operation of the cloud storage platform. If you also share our doubts about Google Photos, don't worry, well we are going to give you answers in this article.

Now that free storage on Google Photos is no longer unlimited, what does that mean? Do I have to pay to use the service? What about the images you have uploaded so far? Are there free alternatives to Google Photos? The questions are over, these are the answers you need to use Google Photos in this new stage.

Google Photos

We answer all the questions left by the end of the free unlimited storage of Google Photos.

Is Google Photos now paid?

No, Google Photos has not become paid after the change applied on June 1. In particular, what has disappeared has been the unlimited free storage, but a limited option is still available, yes, to store your photos and videos without paying anything in return. You only need to have a personal Google account.

How much free storage can I use now?

As of June 1, 2021, and as long as you have a Google account, you have access to 15 GB free to store your images in the cloud of Google. Thus, if you lose your mobile or it is damaged without possible recovery, you can get the images you had on your smartphone just by logging in from your account.

Is it 15 GB just for Google Photos?

No, the free 15 GB is for your Google account in general, so shared between Google Photos, Gmail and Drive. 15 GB is not as much as it seems, since photographs taken with mobile phones take up more and more space as they have better resolution. For this reason, we recommend that you use the Google Photos free space tool often, free and available to all users.

Another trick that you can use to control those free 15 GB is to deactivate the automatic backup of Google Photos so that all the images you have on your smartphone are not automatically saved. Of course, it is always important that you check how much Google Photos storage you have left.

What about photos uploaded before June 1?

Google has specified that the items that you back up in high quality before June 1 will not count in those free 15 GB of storage space. You know, the thousands of files you stored before then shouldn't worry you.

How much does it cost to enjoy more GB of storage in Google Photos?

Google Photos is not paid, but you must pay a subscription to Google One if you want to enjoy more than those 15 GB free. These are the Google One plans to which you can currently subscribe:

Plan15 GB plan100 GB plan200 GB planPlan 2 TB10 TB Plan20 TB PlanPlan 30 TB
PriceFree€ 1.99 / month or € 19.99 / year2.99 euros / month or 29.99 euros / year9.99 euros / month or 99.99 euros / year49.99 euros / month99.99 euros / month149.99 euros / month
Storage15 GB100 GB200 GB2 TB10 TB20 TB30 TB
Expert helpNotYesYesYesYesYesYes
Advantages for subscribersNotYesYesYesYesYesYes

There is also an option to enjoy more space in Google Photos and Drive without having to pay a single euro, you just have to sign up for Google Opinion Rewards and answer surveys to receive a balance from Google that you can then use to pay for your Google One subscription.

If I don't want to pay on Google Photos, what free alternatives can I use?

There are several alternatives to Google Photos with free space that you can use if the Google platform does not convince you. For example, the messaging platform Telegram also serves as cloud storage service with no space limit. Just keep in mind that you can't share files larger than 2GB in size.

Another option is to be an Amazon Prime user, since it gives you access to the platform Amazon Photos, where you can unlimited upload your photos. In short, there are other storage tools that you can trust if you do not like Google Photos or, simply, its free 15 GB is insufficient.

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