6 Google Tricks to Make Your Home Wi-Fi Work Better

Find out how you can improve your home Wi-Fi connection with a few simple Google tricks.

Some years ago, Google brought us several tricks to improve the Wi-Fi connection at home, with the aim of making it faster and more secure. Now, the company brings us even more tips and recommendations with which to make the Wi-Fi network work better.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a Nest Wi-Fi router at home; These tips should work regardless of the type of router and devices that make up your home or work Wi-Fi network. However, the company has taken the opportunity to announce a price drop on Google Wi-Fi devices, so that now a pack of three units has a price of 199 euros.


You can improve your home Wi-Fi connection with a few simple steps.

Check the version of your router

As with mobile phones or any other device, routers also update their software. Each new update introduces performance improvements, and sometimes, support for new, more advanced technologies.

Also, if you have a router not too recent, you can consider buy a newer one that includes support for the latest network advancements.

Use a strong password

Although having an open Wi-Fi network can be very comfortable and convenient, it is best to maintain a secure network thanks to a strong password.

At the time, we already gave you several recommendations to keep your Wi-Fi network secure, and the steps to enter the router and change its configuration.

Create a guest network

Most recent routers include the ability to create a guest Wi-Fi networkso you don't need to set a password and people visiting your home won't have to enter a password. Furthermore, these types of networks will not affect the security or privacy of the devices connected to your main network.

Give priority to primary devices

Pushkar Sharma, Head of Connectivity Products at Google Nest, recommends using the latest router features to see network problems and give priority to the most important devices, such as the computers used for video conferencing waves consoles that are used to play online.

Change the location of your router

If you still don't have the router located in a central point of your house, you should change it right now. Keeping the router away from your devices can greatly reduce connection speed.

Create a mesh network

Some routers like Google's offer the possibility of create a mesh network, which allow the use of a group of routers communicating with each other, to offer greater coverage.

Create one This type of network can help you improve the quality of your home Wi-Fi connection., as long as you are willing to invest the money it may cost to carry out an installation like this.

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