5 best teleworking microphones you can buy (2021)

Virtual meetings are very common when teleworking, so you have to have a good microphone so that you can be heard well.

The microphone is one of the most important elements in your teleworking technology team, since virtual meetings can be common and you need good sound so that other members can hear you clearly. In this buying guide we recommend 5 good microphones for teleworking.

They are models with different characteristics: more advanced if you need a professional sound, and more basic if you settle for a correct sound. Of course these differences influence the price, so in our selection you will find more expensive and cheaper microphones to suit different budgets. Let's know its main characteristics.

Blue Yeti Nano Microphone

The microphone is a fundamental part of your technological equipment for teleworking.

Ozone REC X50

This Ozone REC X50 microphone offers you a professional sound, whether for video calls, to stream or even to make ASMR videos. To deliver that high-quality sound, it features capsule with electrode capacitor and a 20Hz omni and unidirectional response rate.

It is a model with wide compatibility, you just have to connect your USB cable to your device to use it. In addition, it has a compact design that will fit perfectly on your desk, with a foot that keeps it stable. Do you wonder about its price? 49.90 euros in Amazon, although it is possible to find it reduced.


You do not need drivers or additional software to use this TONOR TC30 microphone, you just have to connect it to your computer to be able to use its high-level sound in your virtual meetings. We talk about a microphone with tripod foot featuring a cardioid pickup pattern and off-axis suppression that allows better capture sound and eliminate external noise.

To this we must add its shock absorber support that eliminates the noises produced by any contact with the microphone. You can buy the TONOR TC30 for 36.99 euros on Amazon.

Marantz Professional MPM-1000

For your equipment you can also buy this Marantz Professional MPM-1000, a condenser microphone that has wide-range frequency response (20-20,000 Hz) to capture the entire audible spectrum. In addition, among its specifications we also find a directional cardioid capsule that eliminates outside noise.

In favor of the purchase of this model plays the introduction of windshield, shock absorber, desktop tripod and XLR cable in the box. You can buy this Marantz Professional MPM-1000 on Amazon for an original price of 59.99 euros.

Blue Yeti Nano

If you are looking for a very advanced microphone, you should consider this Blue Yeti Nano model. It is a device that offers great audio quality thanks to the two special capsules that it integrates. It has two recording patterns: cardioid for live recording, and omnidirectional for creating recordings with more voices, like a podcast.

It's a microphone nice little, so it will look good in image during your video calls. In addition, you can control its volume and mute it with the button that it includes. It always helps the easy startup setup, so you can start using it after connecting it for the first time. You can buy the Blue Yeti Nano microphone on Amazon for 119.99 euros.

Behringer C-1

The most affordable microphone in this buying guide is this Behringer C-1, which you can buy for just 30 euros on Amazon. It's a large diaphragm condenser model, with an ultra resistant construction that will withstand possible bumps and falls. On the other hand, you can connect it with your computer through the gold-plated XLR connector that it integrates.

In short, it is an affordable, high-quality audio microphone that will allow your voice to reach the other members of the video call clearly. In addition, it has an LED light that indicates when the microphone is receiving phantom power.

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