15 novelties of Windows 11 with respect to Windows 10 that we have found in the great leak of the new Windows

Yesterday we told you that a preliminary build of Windows 11 had been leaked and that, finally, we had been able to take a look at Microsoft's new operating system.

Some of the (not so many) differences with respect to Windows 10 were obvious at the same time the system was finished loading, but others have required a little more use to detect them.

We tell you what they are (knowing, of course, that we are facing a preliminary version and that some changes can be added or removed on the final Windows 11 due out next week).


What changes in Windows 11?

  • Taskbar icons: For the first time, Windows changes the left alignment of these icons and moves them to the center. Some of us have been achieving a similar effect in Windows 10 using TaskbarX, although this program does not affect —for example— the Windows menu icon itself.

Task Bar

You can now download the new Windows 11 wallpapers

  • Start Menu: Changes were also expected here, although the truth is that no one expected to see Live Tiles die, nor that the Windows menu happened to look so much like the Ubuntu application drawer. If you are not convinced by these changes, we already know how to go back to the W10 type of menu.

Start menu

  • Rounded edges: No surprise; Even before we knew that Sun Valley would not be the umpteenth version of W10, we already knew that this change in the form of menus and windows would be one of the next Windows novelties.


New Icons

  • New 'look' in context menus: The change is small and difficult to notice if you don't put one image next to the other, but - rounded edges to the margin - Windows context menus now appear smoother, with the separator lines less marked but occupying the entire width of the image. menu:

Contextual Menus

Windows 11 on the left, Windows 10 on the right.

  • New boot animation and sound: Windows 10 lacked a startup sound, unlike previous versions of the operating system, an aspect that Microsoft has rectified with W11. In this tweet we can take a look at the new soundtrack of our work sessions in front of the PC:


So we can customize the startup sound.

  • Maximize button menu: Maybe one of the most notable and useful changes of this new version of Windows; When we right-click on the 'Maximize' button in a window, we are shown different layouts that we can use to redistribute the screen between the open applications.

Maximize Menu

  • New look and functions of the task view (WIN + Tab): It is not only that, as we had already anticipated, this function allows us to set different wallpapers for each virtual desktop, but also shows us the windows of the same centered on the screen.

Tasks view

Virtual Desks

  • 'Windows Accessories' disappears: It was also known that the Start menu folder 'Windows Accessories', which has been with us for so many years, had its hours numbered. Now the programs it contained appear directly in the main menu.

  • 'Windows Tools' is created: A score of pre-installed Windows tools (some from 'Accessories') have been relocated together with the old (and immortal) Control Panel in a new folder on the Start menu called 'Windows Tools'.

Windows Tools

  • Experience customization: During the last steps of the installation process, Windows 11 allows us to indicate what type of use we give to our PC in order to personalize the tasks, services and suggestions that it displays.


  • 'Widgets' replaces 'News and Interests': The name has not lasted ... just a week after this new feature in Windows 10 was activated for all its users, we know that Microsoft has reformulated it in W11, although the idea remains.


  • The File Explorer Options Bar: In Windows 10, the 'Start', 'Share' or 'Vista' icon listings only remain visible if we do not click on another area of ​​the screen. Which does not happen in Windows 11.

Explorer Options

  • Cortana disappears ... but no: As you can see in the screenshots, Cortana has definitely disappeared from the Windows 11 taskbar. And yet it still exists as an application in the applications menu.


  • New pre-installed third-party apps: Now you can say hello to the Photoshop Elements, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and PicsArts UWPs.


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