14 years since the Hummer HT1

We commemorate the fourteenth birthday of the Hummer HT1 by remembering its best features, and also other mobiles launched by car brands.

The brotherhood between mobile manufacturers and car manufacturers is by no means new. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the launch of numerous car-inspired phones. One of them is the Hummer HT1, that in this 2021 fulfills his fourteenth birthday.

As you can imagine from its name, this was Hummer's cell phone. It was also notorious for its rear design, which mimicked the aesthetics of the brand's all-powerful cars. The manufacturer was ModeLabs and there were three different models for sale. We invite you to travel to the past with us to remember everything that this Hummer HT1 offered, an already mythical mobile.

Hummer HT1, an off-road mobile

Hummer HT1

14 years since the launch of the Hummer H1, the mobile launched by Hummer.

It was 2007 when Hummer announced the launch of the Hummer HT1, a phone made in collaboration with ModeLabs. It was available in three colors: yellow, camouflage-style green, and gray. The back of all of them imitated the robust off-road aesthetics of the American brand, whose first model was a derivative of the Humvee, a car for military use.

The terminal had dimensions of 96 x 49 x 15 mm and a weight of 100 grams. His 2.2 inch touch screenWith 260,000 colors, you could slide up to access the physical keyboard. In addition, the design of its central button mimicked the wheels of the Hummer. To this we must add a 2 MP rear camera and an internal memory of 25 MB expandable by microSD, also with the possibility of playing MP3 songs.

Hummer HT2

The Hummer HT2 was the second mobile launched by Hummer.

As we say, the Hummer HT1 went on sale in Europe in 2007 for a approximate price of 300 euros. It seems that it did well in the market, as its wake was followed by the Hummer HT2, also manufactured in partnership with ModeLabs. It was a compact phone with a small screen with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels, a 2 MP camera and 11 MB internal memory that could be expanded with a microSD card.

Other car brands with their own mobiles

Hummer has not been, far from it, the only car brand with its own mobiles. For example, Aston Martin launched its own version of the Nokia 8800, with a premium design. It had 64MB internal memory, no microSD card slot, and a launch price of about $ 1,400 (about 1,150 euros).

Another curious foray of car brands into the world of mobiles was the Land rover s1 that, like the car, survives even in the most extreme conditions, even through mud. Among its specifications also stood out a 2 MP camera, GPS naviganator and even an integrated Opera mini browser. Its price? About 450 euros.

Finally, we also want to remember the existence of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes SGH-Z720M, a Samsung mobile with a 2.1-inch screen that slides up, with 3.15 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, microSD card slot and MP3 player.

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