14 (leaked) questions and answers about the merger between OPPO and OnePlus

Will OnePlus become a sub-brand of OPPO? Well the short answer seems to be ... YES

In the middle of last week the bombshell jumped, and it is that the merger between OnePlus and OPPO will probably become the news of the year in the mobile industry or at least on the Android platform in particular, as we are dealing with one of the most media companies since its birth, OnePlus, which will now join forces with one of the strongest manufacturers that has been treading in recent quarters, such as OPPO.

We all think that indeed the potential of both together is enormous, although in the press release in which the merger between the two companies was reported, the truth is that not much information was revealed beyond the one between OnePlus and OPPO itself, leaving us with doubts about the role that each manufacturer will have and how synergies will be used to "Create even better products" just as we are promised.

A New Journey for OnePlus

OnePlus announces a new journey with OPPO.

A lot of questions that Evan blass He has responded to us sharing an internal note that has been leaked, and that it was directed to the public relations team of OnePlus before the announcement of the merger, guiding the communication lines of the Shenzhen manufacturer for future press conferences or media appearances.

Thus, the popular leaker has uploaded the document to his Twitter account explaining at a stroke how the integration will be carried out, also confirming that OnePlus will be a sub-brand of OPPO, and that the process already started in 2020 should be completed by the end of this year with the result of two independent brands that will share infrastructure and ownership.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the memo anyway, and we discuss here the most important of this merger between OnePlus and OPPO to open the debate with you ... Do you follow us?

An internal circular that OnePlus addressed to its public relations team, and which has been leaked on the Internet, confirms a lot of details about its merger with OPPO starting with the detail that, effectively, OnePlus will become a sub-brand of OPPO.

OnePlus and OPPO merge: what it really means for users

OnePlus will be a sub-brand of OPPO

The first thing that strikes everyone is precisely knowing that OnePlus to become a sub-brand of OPPO after the merger, as was Huawei Honor or Xiaomi Redmi, to give two examples.

Anyway, both manufacturers will continue to function and behave as two completely independent entities, competing in all the markets in which they coexist as they have done so far.

This implies that towards users the movement will be almost imperceptible, regardless of the fact that ColorOS and OxygenOS may converge in the future or that the R&D teams of both companies share infrastructures and personnel to improve synergies and take advantage of talent and intellectual property.

Pete Lau becomes OPPO Product Director

The idea of ​​both companies is to have "More resources available create even better products", also being able "Be more efficient in our operations" as stated in the published communiqués.

This integration started already in 2020 with the aforementioned merger of the research and development teams, and to be completed by the end of 2021, if all goes well, also sharing the supply chains, manufacturing resources and other key sections of both companies that will not imply, of course, stop competing with each other.

Also, we already know that Pete Lau, current CEO of OnePlus, to become OPPO's Chief Product Officer keeping the product strategies of both companies under its umbrella of responsibility.

What will change will be the perspectives of a OnePlus that will stop advertising as a startup and will go on to compete with the resources of some of the largest manufacturers globally, so the truth is that the future looks very good for them and, by extension, also for us users who we will enjoy more options of higher quality to choose.

If you still have doubts, you can fully read the document published by Evan Blass by clicking on the tweet linked above, although the commented, If you have an OPPO or a OnePlus, the companies will continue to function as you know them, so for now zero worries with your smartphones.

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