10 new features of iOS 15 that were already on Android

Some of the "novelties" that iOS 15 introduces have already been available on Android for a long time. We select some of them.

Apple has presented iOS 15, the next big update to its mobile operating system, during WWDC 2021's main Keynote. The presentation takes place just a few weeks after Google announced Android 12 at I / O 2021, and therefore it is almost mandatory compare the two operating systems looking for differences and similarities.

iOS 15 introduces a number of changes to the iPhone operating system. However, a part of those novelties they were already available on Android for a long time. Let's review which ones.

Android 12 better than iOS 15

iOS 15 includes some new features that were already available on Android.

Improved notifications

The notifications They have received a facelift in iOS 15. Not only has their appearance changed, but Apple has also integrated a number of new functions aimed at making them more practical.

Now, Notifications are now sorted based on their priority... as it has been happening in Android for several years, where it includes it is possible grant different levels of priority to the notifications of each application.

Summary of notifications in iOS 15

The notification summary is one of the novelties of iOS 15.

Widgets on the home screen of tablets

Apple introduced widgets in iOS 14, but for whatever reason, it didn't allow placing them on the iPad home screen.

This changes with iOS 15, which finally catches up with Android and allows place any widget anywhere on the iPad screen.

Noise reduction and portrait mode in video calls

FaceTime - which is now available on Android ... sort of - introduces the option to suppress ambient noise when making video calls with iOS 15. On Android, this feature has been available with Google Meet and Google Duo for months now, thanks to Google's advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The same thing happens with the background blur effect or "portrait mode", also available on Android thanks to Google Duo and Google Meet.

Capture text through images

In iOS 15, Apple introduces the "Intelligence" feature, a suite room of tools that allow, for example, capture text through images obtained with the mobile camera.

If it looks familiar, it's because On Android we have been using Google Lens for years, which, like Apple's tool, allows find information about objects or products that appear in the photograph, identify plants or animal breeds or translate text into other languages.

Navigation in augmented reality

In this case, the images speak for themselves: Apple has copied the augmented reality-based navigation that Google Maps introduced in 2019.

"Memories" in Apple Photos

Apple's images and videos application now introduces “Memories”, a kind of stories that remember, and a lot, the memories that Google Photos introduced more than a year ago.

In favor of Apple, yes, it must be said that your memories seem much more customizable than those included in Google Photos, thanks to filters and settings, or the ability to add music from Apple Music.

Unlocking the car with the mobile

In this case, Google was a little faster than Apple: during the announcement of Android 12, the search engine company made official the option to unlock, or even start the car only with the mobile phone thanks to NFC and Ultra Wide Band technology.

This same feature is available in iOS 15 on iPhones with Ultra Wide Band technology.

Voice recognition "on device"

The Siri voice recognition it will now take place directly on the device, and will not travel to the cloud to preserve user privacy. On Android, the Google Assistant performs voice recognition on the device since Google announced it at I / O 2019.

Play content on TV through voice commands

Siri is now able to send content to a TV with Apple TV through a voice command like "Hey Siri, put the latest chapter of Ted Lasso on TV" from the HomePod speakers.

For the Android users Who have an Android TV or a Google Chromecast this is nothing new. For years, it has been possible to ask the Assistant to play content on the TV through voice commands, either through the mobile or on speakers such as the Nest Audio and Nest Mini.

Extensions in the browser

The new one safari version available on iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey introduces the ability to install extensions in the mobile version of the browser. In this case, Apple should be given credit for getting ahead of Google and providing this option to its users before the big G I would do it with Chrome.

However, just because Apple has gotten ahead of Google doesn't mean that iOS has gotten ahead of Android. Thanks to third-party browsers, it is possible to use Chrome extensions in the Android version of the browser.

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