YouTube on your Android with this 'Open Source' alternative of great design and option to download

With SongTube you have a complete YouTube client that specializes in music. Search your favorite videos, create playlists, download songs and much more, all with an attractive and very fluid visual experience.

With YouTube we have an open door to any type of video that we can think of, also to those that offer music as part of the multimedia content. In fact, there is such musical variety on YouTube that there direct and unpublished material that cannot be found on streaming platforms can be found; That is why apps like SongTube are so practical: they allow you to access YouTube videos without complications, listen to them thanks to their integrated player and, also, it is possible to create playlists and even download them to the phone.

SongTube, an extremely versatile YouTube client

Songtube Alternative Youtube

The experience of this YouTube client is as clean as it is pleasant since it dispenses with ads to offer full access to the videos. The app is open source, it has this code accessible from GitHub and the latest version can also be downloaded from there. We have tried SongTube and the truth is that We found it highly recommended software, even despite having applications like NewPipe, a true open source benchmark, at our fingertips.

How to download YouTube videos from an Android mobile

SongTube specializes in listening to music, but it also serves as a video client: the application includes a player that opens all YouTube content from your browser, also from what is already downloaded. Because yes, it allows you to download the videos and only the music; with the option to choose the quality and even compression.

Apart from downloading the videos (and audios), and offering a clean experience, the application allows you to edit the covers and labels of the songs, it has a dark theme, you can download complete playlists (only the music), it offers backup options and is fully developed in Flutter. This is appreciated on a visual level, also the animations in the displacement are fluid.

Songtube Alternative Youtube

SongTube is a great alternative to YouTube for anyone who wants access the video portal without using the official application, much heavier. It does not allow login, so it does not offer access to favorites or to the history of the Google account. But it does allow you to easily browse YouTube, search and create as many playlists as required.

SongTube is a free app, it has no ads, it has no purchases and the only permission you need is to storage access (to save downloaded content). The application can be downloaded from the developer's GitHub.

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