YouTube becomes a music player with playback controls, testing

After the closure of Google Play Music, Google would like you to use YouTube Music as an app to play music, but it seems to give up on the fact that many people listen to music in the normal YouTube app. For them, he is preparing a new mode that transforms the app into a music player.

On YouTube there is everything, including an endless repertoire of music, although the application does not make it much easier to use it for this purpose. This could change in the future for Premium users, with an optional music player mode, which overlays the classic controls as a previous or next track.

A better way to listen to music on YouTube

YouTube and music playback they have a complicated relationship. On the one hand, the service has an endless repertoire of music. On the other hand, the interface is not really suitable for playing music, not to mention that the free version does not allow you to continue playing in the background or with the screen turned off.

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Part of the reason is that YouTube Music has long been around as the spin-off of specialized in music. An old-fashioned player. For those who insist on continuing to use the normal YouTube app to listen to music, Google is preparing some playback controls, which make YouTube more friendly for music playback.

Youtube music

How it works is as follows: when you play a music video on YouTube, a notice is included suggesting that you show the music playback controls. Doing so clears the interface for buttons, comments, and video suggestions, displaying the title and author of the song in large, buttons for next and previous song, to advance and rewind.

The "bad" news is that the feature is marked as Premium, so it seems to be tied to the YouTube Premium subscription which, among other things, allows you to listen to music in the background on YouTube or use YouTube Music without limits or ads. It is also a test activated from the server side, so it remains to be seen whether this metamorphosis of YouTube into a music player will eventually reach the whole world or not.

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