you only need 600 followers or more to receive the feature

Twitter Spaces just went from being very exclusive to being a little bit less exclusive: Twitter voice rooms are now available to anyone with 600 followers or more. Although it is possible for most users of the social network to enter one of these rooms as a listener, until now very few have received an invitation to host their own audio rooms.

For the less knowledgeable, Spaces are basically the Clubhouse version of Twitter, a function that the social network has been testing with a small group of users for some months now, and which is now being extended further.

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If you don't have a minimum of people potentially listening to you, Twitter won't even bother to offer you the feature.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are Live voice chat rooms where there can be both participants and only listeners, very much like an online radio. While listeners can be anyone, hosts can be few.

According to Twitter, they have determined that the accounts with more than 600 followers are the ones that "they probably have a good experience hosting live conversations due to their existing audienceAudiences that may be monetized in the future, as Twitter plans to offer the option to sell "tickets" so that hosts can charge for access to their talks.

Twitter also plans to add options to monetize Spaces through the sale of "tickets"

More and more platforms are launching to copy the Clubhouse voice rooms (and may end up beating him on their own turf)

From the social network they do not rule out offering Spaces to all their users sooner or laterBut they say that before offering the possibility of creating a space to everyone, they will "focus on learning more, facilitating the discovery of Spaces and helping people to enjoy them with a large audience."

If you want to know how to start using Twitter Spaces, either as a host or just as a listener, we will tell you how to do it step by step. This function It is only available on mobile devices from the application for iOS or Android.