Xiaomi will not audition in person at MWC 2021, the event increasingly in doubt

Although the organizers continue to ensure that a physical MWC will be held in Barcelona, the constant trickle of important absences calls this celebration more and more into doubtn. Ericsson, Sony, Nokia, Samsung ... And now also Xiaomi: one of the key manufacturers in Android has confirmed that it will only perform virtual acts.

We are one month away from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​an unavoidable event for the entire telephony sector that, paradoxically, had to be canceled last year and delayed this 2021. We all know the reason: It is not safe to organize a massive congress with the pandemic endangering all social activity. Even so, the GSMA and the rest of the organizers keep June 28 as the face-to-face start of MWC 2021. Even though the portfolio of relevant companies is plummeting.

Xiaomi will only hold virtual events during MWC 2021

Mwc 2021 Fira Current appearance of the Fira exteriors one month after MWC 2021 is held

The Chinese brand is yet another in the already long list of important cancellations. As the company itself has confirmed, Xiaomi will not attend MWC 2021 in person in Barcelona, but this does not mean that he will make presentations online and through videoconferences. All in order to guarantee the safety of the assistants and also of the workers.

MWC 2021 will be open to the general public for the first time in its history: anyone can attend by paying 21 euros plus VAT

Next we leave you with the official statement from Xiaomi detailing the reason for the physical cancellation of MWC 2021:

"With the aim of ensuring the health and safety of all its employees, customers, partners and the media, Xiaomi has decided to participate only in a virtual way in MWC 2021. Despite the very complicated situation in which we live, the The company will continue to strengthen its presence and actively collaborate with the entire sector to support the global technology community".

Although the list of cancellations is extensive the GSMA, Fira and the rest of the organizers continue with the world telephony congress. However, doubts are looming more and more insistently, especially after having gone to the pavilions where MWC 2021 should be held: we visited it last weekend and we did not see any movement, neither in the exterior nor in the interior pavilions. . Other years practically everything was assembled a month from the start.

Mwc 2021 Fira This is how the interior of the Fira pavilions looks a month after MWC 2021 starts

We will see if the GSMA finally manages to carry out MWC 2021 and if it manages to attract enough professional public to make its celebration a success. Also, let's remember that anyone will be able to attend the congress thanks to the tickets at a popular price.

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