Xiaomi already sells more mobiles than Apple in Europe, doubling its numbers in just one year

The figures of Xiaomi and OPPO surprise in Europe, with those of Lei Jun already seconds above Apple.

With almost the entire industry wondering who will take LG's place, the truth is that no one seems to be surprised either the ultra-positive trend of Xiaomi and OPPO that was already being noticed in the last months of 2020 at least in our markets, without anyone still being able to imagine that the giant captained by Lei Jun would keep growing so fast.

And it is that yes friends, only a few days ago that expert consultants in the sector warned of a new Xiaomi sales record that they placed very close to the sorpasso to apple, and now it is the Canalys analysts who already confirm it, as they told us from Android Authority, reporting that Xiaomi has already overtaken Apple in Europe after signing 85% year-on-year growth, placing just in the wake of Samsung on the second step of the podium.

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From record to record, it seems that Xiaomi continues to grow at its blazing pace in Europe.

Tremendous figures, certainly, as always when we talk about Xiaomi, although this time with some important nuances, starting because these data are sent to the entire European continent and this massive growth has been largely outpaced by OPPO, which registers a 153% year-on-year increase although with much more humble sales figures.

As you will see, in fact, if we take only the data from Western Europe, the apple company is still second with 25% of Compartir gotten by their iPhones in a market that also rewards Xiaomi and OPPO with huge growth rates of 89% and 197% respectively.

Xiaomi breaks mobile sales records and is about to beat the iPhone

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Well, as you already know and if globally Xiaomi had stayed only one dot percentage of outperforming Apple, if we look only at Europe, the overtaking has already been consummated, with Xiaomi as second force in the region with a 23% share of the mobile market growing at a rate of 85%.

First is Samsung with 35% of Compartir and a positive growth of 21%, with Apple now third signing a 19% share after having grown by 22% year-on-year.

The European landing of OPPO It has also brought them a success in results, with a 4% market share and a huge growth of 153%, which contrasts with the 81% drop for Huawei up to 3% of the pie with which the Chinese firm closes the top5 of mobile manufacturers in Europe.

It should be noted the relative youth of Xiaomi and OPPO in the European market, where these Chinese manufacturers that previously could be acquired through importers and now sell officially, have entered with force cornering well-known brands such as Sony or the now defunct LG with more competitive pricing policies.

Europe is one of the key markets, so it seems that Xiaomi's entry in the ranges more premium in the last times will serve to strengthen this position and challenge Samsung thus taking over from a Huawei that claimed to be number one in the global market before the Trumpazo.

Talking about Western Europe separately, things change slightly with Samsung first (37%), Apple second (25%), Xiaomi third (17%), OPPO fourth (4%) and Huawei fifth (3%), although showing exactly the same growth rate, with OPPO at a blazing pace of 197% and Xiaomi signing 89% year-on-year. It seems that Eastern Europe is a stronghold of tremendous success for Xiaomi!

Now it only remains to see the market trends in the coming months, and wait for check if Xiaomi is willing to fight for that number 1 that Samsung keeps jealously for years ... Will the boys and girls of Lei Jun be able to complete the assault?

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