would change color depending on the wallpaper

Compact or non-compact in design, the Google Assistant appears as a panel from the bottom of the screen that so far has a light or dark background color. In the future, the Google Assistant may embrace the color spectrum with background colors to match the wallpaper.

At the moment this change in the design has not been activated to users, but Matthew pirszel He managed to test it ahead of time, getting the Google Assistant to show background colors instead of the usual black or white. It is speculated that it could be linked to the Monet theme system that is to come with Android 12.

More customization for the Assistant

Android 12 will introduce major changes in the customization capabilities of the system. A theme system is expected that will base the colors used in the interface in the predominant ones on the wallpaper. These colors may also extend to the Google Assistant interface to a lesser or greater extent.

We tested Android 12 Preview: a big leap in customization with notable improvements in aesthetics

According to the test that this XDA user was able to activate ahead of time, the Google Assistant shows different shades of blue and green as background color. There is nothing written about tastes, but the truth is that they do not seem to be the most pleasant combinations for the eyes of all time: they could simply be a demonstration while waiting for the rest of the Android 12 customization pieces to be available.


In the screenshots we can see different colors for the background and for the Assistant's text, which suggests that Google you are preparing the Wizard so that its customizable appearance in the future. Taking into account that Android 12 is expected to vary its interface relatively radically, it would be logical that the Google Assistant must adapt to be able to integrate into this redesign.

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, although since the Android 12 theme system applies the colors to elements such as the notifications, quick settings or Android settings, the normal thing would be that it also does the same with the Assistant. Of course, hopefully with less garish colors.

Via | XDA

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