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with this trick you can know how much time you have left until you have to pay

On July 1, say goodbye to the unlimited storage of Google Photos. However, its gratuity does not say goodbye. Understanding this is important. Just as we can use Gmail or Google Drive for free, with the 15 GB that Google gives to all users who create a basic account, we can also use that space for Google Photos.

Namely, using Google Photos from June will not require us to pay per se. When we will have to pay it will be if we fill those 15 GB, or if we already have them full today. In that case, we will not be able to upload photos or files to Drive, as has always happened with Google Photos itself if we upload files in original quality instead of in the high quality option. Original quality has always taken up space in our Google account, unless we were users of a Google Pixel.

When he announced that the unlimited factor of Google Photos was coming to an end, cHe said that "more than 80 percent of you should still be able to store about three more years of memories with its free 15GB of storage. "

Google estimates that 8 out of 10 users will not have to pay for 3 years

That is, according to the company's calculations, 8 out of 10 users would not have to pay for the service before 2024. Google left us a message of peace of mind, and Also a trick to know how long the account will fill up if we continue taking photos and videos at the current rate (High Quality, not Original Quality).

This is how the personalized calculation of our account is done

To check how long Google estimates it will take to fill our account based on the upload rate of photos and other files, all we have to do is go to this address and log in with our Google account. There we will see something like this, depending on the type of account we have (in this case it is a free account):


As can be seen, in the case of a server, Google estimates that to fill the 10 GB I have free there is "about 1 year". However, when I did the same check in November, when the goodbye to free unlimited storage was announced, this tool estimated that I had two years left.

Google, you win: I'm going to end up paying for Google Photos because I can't find anything better

What could be the cause of this discrepancy? In my case, I think it is because in November and previous months I barely took photos (for reasons associated with 2020, such as a pandemic and lockdown). After that month, Christmas arrived, where I did not stop taking photos and videos. Later, I moved in and did construction work in the new house, so I took photos and videos every day. In case it works for someone, this is how it is explained that without having increased the space used in my account, Google now gives me one year less.

In Genbeta we have told what we are doing to prepare for the "goodbye" of Google Photos, among whose advice is uploading all possible photos before day 1, as they will still not count towards the free account space. Another possibility that we have discussed is to use YouTube as a backup platform for personal videos. Our colleagues from Engadget have told how Amazon Photos is as an alternative.