With this app you can create shortcuts to any file, menu or function of your Android

In Android we can create shortcuts either from the app options themselves or with small widgets, although we do not have a unified control of all of them where we can carefully choose the shortcuts we want to create.

Luckily, there is an app called Shortcut Maker, which has accumulated half a million downloads in the Play Store and is well valued by users. We have tested it and it has convinced us how it works, so we are going to tell you everything it offers.

Create shortcuts of everything you want +

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Shortcut Maker is such a good app that it could very well be a native Android app. When you open it, we will have the list with everything to which we can create a direct access, which is not short.

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  • Applications

  • System activities

  • Contacts:

  • Folders

  • Files

  • Intentions

  • Setting

  • Websites

  • Personalization

As you can see, it is an application that unifies multiple possibilities. We can create a direct access to a specific file in the phone's memory, to a specific system service (any submenu within a menu), websites, contacts, etc.

This app has a search engine that finds the different system processes, so we can create shortcuts for any function in the phone's settings

If we want to search for a specific route on our mobile, we can do it with an integrated search engine. So we can find any function of our phone, even if it is within a somewhat hidden menu.

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In addition to this comprehensive menu to choose the shortcuts, we can fully customize them, at the level of name, icon of the same, action that it will perform and others, so that the control over the direct access is total.

The app is free and compatible with any Android from version 7.0, so do not hesitate to try it if you want to open a whole world of possibilities when creating shortcuts on your Android mobile.

Shorcut Maker

Shorcut Maker

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