Winget, the first Windows 10 package manager, just became my favorite way to install apps

You know this story: you just installed Windows 10, or you have a new computer, or you had to format because life passes, and now you have the tedious task of reinstalling all your favorite applications one by one. Well, not long ago Microsoft has something that can make things easier for us in those scenarios.

His name is winget and he is the new package manager for Windows 10 that allows us to install all kinds of applications from the terminal quickly and easily by typing a simple command, and best of all (although also ironic) is that it has more remarkable software than the same Microsoft store.

Installing apps for Windows has never been so easy, don't be intimidated by the terminal


In Windows 10 there are several ways when you want install a handful of popular programs at once without having to go from web to web. We have talked about options like the great Chocolatey, a great alternative package manager that has everything, and even a version with a graphical interface.

Another good, very popular option is Ninite, a tool that installs many of the best-known and most popular applications for Windows in one click. Although that list hasn't been updated much for some time.

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The other is use the Microsoft Store, an option that in several respects is not the best, especially since the amount of software available there is pretty sorry. Look for neither Steam, nor VLC, nor WinRAR, nor Discord, there is more what is missing than what exists.

My opinion is that winget is better than almost any of those previous options, and although it is in preview version still, its repositories have been growing a lot in a short time, and It is already perhaps a better alternative to install software in Windows 10 than all the others known.

Yes, you have to use a terminal, but it is very easy to learn to use.

How to use winget to install apps in Windows 10

Windows Package Manager or winget It's in preview, it's an open source project, and you can find all the details on GitHub. To use it you need to have Windows 10 version 1709 or later installed (any of the Fall Creators Update onwards).

You will need to download the client from the GitHub releases page, at this link. Choose the file with the extension .appxbundle and run it on your computer.


The message you will see when installing the winget client on Windows 10

You can now install Run, the PowerToy that changes the way we search for files and launch apps in Windows 10

This will now allow you use winget command from Command Prompt, PowerShell or the new Windows 10 Terminal to install all kinds of programs. You just have to write winget install VLC for example if you want to install VLC.

Install Packages With Winget

Install a program with the command "winget install" followed by the name of your favorite app

The list of software available in the current repository is huge. You will find yourself from text editors such as Atom, Brackets or Sublime Text, to messaging applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Discord; going through popular apps of all kinds such as Spotify, Zoom, qBittorrent, Filezilla, WinRar, Opera, Open VPN, VS Code, Dropbox, 7zip, or Ubuntu 18.04 itself, and a great etc.

Winget Package Manager Windows 10

Type the command "winget show" to show the list of available packages

Now, it is important that you know that if you use this installation process you will not receive winget updates automatically, for this you need to be a Windows Insider, in which case it is possible that you already have winget in your Windows 10 build. Or, If not, you can download the package from the Microsoft Store for Insiders.

More information | Microsoft

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