Windows taskbar and windows come to Android with this application

Android has its dock of applications and Windows has the taskbar, which you can also take to Android with the appropriate application. Without going any further, with Taskbar, an application that unlike other apps that emulate the Windows style is not a launcher, but works on top of your favorite launcher.

If you want your Android mobile to be a little like Windows, you can copy its behavior with Taskbar, an open source application that brings the taskbar to Android, with the interesting added function that the apps you open from it are shown as floating windows.

A little bit of Windows on Android

If you want your Android mobile or tablet to behave a bit more like Windows, an easy way to do it is with Taskbar. It is a free and open source application that works on your launcher -or any application- as a taskbar always on top.

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Taskbar overlays at the bottom of the screen by default and is can compact to make an arrow. This task bar includes access to recent applications and its own start menu to open any application that is installed on the mobile.


Possibly the most curious thing about Taskbar is that, on mobile with Android Nougat or higher, applications open as floating windows. On mobiles with Android 10 or higher, it works as desktop mode by connecting the mobile to an external screen.

That is, every time you open an application from the taskbar, either from the bottom bar or with the start menu, the app opens as input as a floating and resizable window. If you want it full screen, you can press the button to maximize it.

Floating window

It is an application for very specific uses, but that includes a good amount of customization options. From its settings you can configure desktop mode, change how floating windows behave, set or hide apps from the bar and choose between different styles for the start menu, to name some of the available options.

Taskbar - PC-style productivity for Android

Taskbar - PC-style productivity for Android

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