Windows 10's new 'News and Interests' widget is one of the worst additions to the taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar has a new widget for a few weeks. His name is 'News and Interests', and my experience with him so far is that it is one of the worst things that has been added to my bar in years.

The reasons are simple: the widget duplicates functions that Windows 10 already has without improving on these, it is not configurable and adds unnecessary hassle in the path. And, extra: it increases even more the inconsistencies of design in a system that does not need more of this.

Everything bad about the 'News and Interests' widget

Windows 10 News & Interests Widget

'News and Interests' is a strange little thing with information cards with rounded edges, design that does not apply to absolutely anything else in the system for now, and that is by far the least of his sins.

'News and interests' magically appears on your toolbar after updating Windows 10 without prior notice and without asking permission. 'News and interests' shows all kinds of local information such as weather, finances, sports, traffic and news. Although you can decide whether to remove the first four, you cannot remove the news.

Language And Content Widget News And Interests Windows 10

You have to go to the MSN website to be able to configure what appears in the widget

Then there is the subject of content and its personalization. 'News and interests' is a Microsoft service embedded in Windows 10 in a very strange way, cannot be configured from Windows 10, you have to go to the MSN website to do it.

Why do I have to open an external website to configure a Windows 10 function?

But pause to laugh interest settings are broken and the widget will show the news you want on the topics you want, not the topics you choose from the Microsoft News website. It is not enough that a function of the operating system cannot be configured from the operating system and an external website has to be opened, but it does not work anyway.

News & Interests Widget Settings

No matter what you choose here, the widget displays the news on whatever topics you like, the interest selection is broken

But this does not end here, You do not even need to click for 'News and interests' to show your face where no one has called you. The widget has function of hover, that is, it is activated simply by hovering the mouse pointer over it, so you are going to activate it multiple times in your day inadvertently, and this cannot be deactivated anywhere.

And finally, because I can't help but mention it: The widget icons look pixelated!

The new Windows 10 icons are another sign of the lack of consistency in the system design


Adding what no one asked for and ignoring what is half

There is little use doing this

It is of little use to tell them that you don't like a story, it keeps showing the same things

The "funny" thing about all this is that this widget does not add anything new to Windows 10. All its functions already exist through applications of Windows 10 itself. The Weather application and its dynamic tile in the start menu It does exactly the same as the widget: it shows the weather status, and it does it better, with more options, more information, and multiple locations.

The News application offers the same as this widget, MSN news that the user can use as a source of information, not thrown in your face when you hover the mouse over the wrong part of the taskbar. Same with Finance, and so on.

The widget is a bunch of duplicate information repositioned and with a worse user experience

The widget looks like an experiment to promote another Microsoft online service that no one asked for, and it is not unreasonable to say, could have been much better implemented. Or even be fully functional before shipping to all users.

Weather Windows 10

The Windows 10 Weather application already shows more information about the weather in the start menu without having to go to an external website to see more details

If you are a regular reader of Genbeta, you know that we have talked about Windows 10 and its inconsistent design on multiple occasions. Not long ago we commented on how laughable (not to cry) it is, for example, the current state of dark mode, one that it is as old as Windows 10 itself but it is still incomplete.

This widget is obviously incomplete, but in the meantime Microsoft talks about a supposed design revolution that will start to arrive with the next version of Windows 10 called "Sun Valley". What is missing for that version is a few months, and I believe 2% of total visual rejuvenation, seeing how in 6 years of Windows 10 we have what we have.

Four years and eight versions later, Windows 10's unified interface remains an unattainable ideal

How to deactivate the 'News and interests' widget

Rest in peace

Rest in peace

If you've read this far, we reward you with the knowledge that the best thing about this widget is that easily deactivated (if you know where to look):

  • Right click on the toolbar

  • In the drop-down menu navigate to News and interests

  • Select Disconnect

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