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Windows 10 Sun Valley will take its place with aesthetic redesign

Microsoft will not release its variant of the Windows 10X operating system anytime soon. There are also doubts about what will happen in the future. According to an article published on, Microsoft has shelved Windows 10X. This operating system was going to be Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS.

Namely, a simpler variant of Windows 10 and that it was expected to debut first in computers for education and for the so-called First Line Workers or front line workers, those who are in direct contact with the product or with the customer.

It is not sure what will happen. Microsoft officials stopped talking publicly about Windows 10X last year. According to ZDnet, Microsoft planned to release Windows 10X in 2020 without the promised Win32 application support. In January, what was said to be a near-final build of this OS was leaked.

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Sun Valley focus could relegate Windows 10X

sun valley windows 10

Anyway, there is nothing definitive. What is believed, as published by Windows Central, is that this decision may be due to the fact that the Redmond firm is working on its great fall update, its new version of Windows 10.

Microsoft will release a "new" version of Windows later this year when it releases Windows 10 with a revamped UX.. This is about Sun Valley, which will bring back the rounded edges of Windows and with a new font, leaving aside the traditional Calibri.

In addition, in Sun Valley the folders will change color, a milestone in the history of Windows, characterized by its yellow "folders" and also, the icons that characterized the software since Windows 95, which still remained in the system, and which were very visible, will finally say goodbye in Windows 10 Sun Valley 21H2.

Therefore, according to all the information they point out: don't expect a Windows 10X to arrive anytime soon, because Microsoft is focusing its efforts in the great novelty that will arrive in autumn for Windwos 10 and that will be a huge change, especially visual.

Microsoft's work in recent years with Windows 10X

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According to Microsoft information Has been working for two years to figure out how to position and offer Windows 10X. Initially, Windows 10X was to be Microsoft's variant of Windows for dual-screen PCs, including the Surface Neo, currently in the unveiling phase.

Later, those responsible changed their plans and decided to release Windows 10X on single-screen computers, on both clamshell and 2-in-1 laptops. Other recent leaks showed what this software looked like on a smartphone.

Windows 10X was not designed to work on computers that were already on the market, it was being built to work only on new ones. I was going to debut first on Intel-based devices and possibly also available on ARM-based PCs sometime in the future.

Windows 10X was scheduled to be one of the first versions of Windows built on top of Windows Core OS(WCOS).

The latest information leaked on Petri indicates that Microsoft has had trouble getting its concept of a common Windows kernel with different types of UX works well enough to bring it to market.