Why does it make no sense for you to buy AirTags if you have an Android mobile

Is an AirTag worth having an Android smartphone?

AirTags are one of the latest Apple devices to arrive and they were barely presented in the keynote on April 20. These are new products designed to avoid losing common objects such as keys, backpacks, wallets or bags. Due to their low price, of only 35 euros, these small devices have become the desired greats of the last Apple presentation event, and there is no doubt that they will be among Apple's best-selling products for this year.

Now, it has become clear to us that most iPhone owners will want to have at least one of these products, but what about Android device users? Is it worth buying an AirTag if we don't have an iPhone? Well honestly, NO.

Why is it not worth buying an AirTag if we have an Android mobile

Apple AirTags

Is an AirTag worth it if we have an Android smartphone?

First of all we are going to briefly explain how AirTags work. The main advantage of the AirTag is that the more than one billion Apple devices serve as a network to help us find it if it is lost. In this way, if we lose the AirTag and an iPhone user passes near it, it will use its location to notify us where it is. That is, the interaction with Android is practically nil.

Why? Due to the aforementioned, because despite using technologies such as Bluetooth, the AirTag can only be used with iOS devices since to configure them the “Search” application is necessary, which can only be found in products such as the iPhone or the iPad. Conclusion: you cannot associate an AirTag with an Android device.

I have tried to use an Android as the main mobile but Apple has not let me

For all this it does not make any sense for an Android user to acquire an AirTag since despite its attractive price –35 euros per unit–, it won't do us any good. Much better to bet on any of these alternatives that we leave you below.

Despite all this, AirTags have their use for Android users. If an AirTag owner activates the “lost mode”, his NFC chip will be enabled and it will be possible to read it with any NFC terminal, including the green robot.

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