Who will take LG's place, and why his departure from mobile is bad news for you

LG's exit from the mobile industry leaves a void that many will try to fill, but which will certainly be difficult to fill at least in innovation and daring.

With many users still wondering what will happen to their LG mobiles and with the South Korean manufacturer confirming that it will maintain the support of updates and guarantees of all products sold by the now defunct LG Mobile, the market continues to rotate and the industry is looking for new players to take the place of a giant like LG which will be quite difficult to replace.

And it is that yes friends, LG's departure is not good news at all, much less for us users, who were left without one of the manufacturers that took the most risk with their devices (perhaps sometimes too much) to offer differential and attractive options for users, perhaps seeking to differentiate themselves better than anyone else by direct competition with Samsung, especially, which also from South Korea had them practically in the shade all the time.

The LG Wing

The curious LG Wing, the latest great LG technological innovation in the mobile industry.

Be that as it may, the follies of LG and its most iconic devices will be quite remembered by people like me, who tend to nostalgia, but also for a market that in part thanked them for their daring with positive reviews that never really translated into good sales figures.

LG Mobile is already history in the smartphone industry, although the South Korean manufacturer will be greatly missed for its ability to innovate with devices such as the LG Optimus 3D, the LG Flex, the modular LG G5 or an LG Wing always differentials and many times pioneers.

LG exits the smartphone market

Who will take LG's place in the mobile market?

Surely many manufacturers are already rubbing their hands after the departure of LG, which in certain markets maintained good market shares, although consultants such as Counterpoint Research have been those who we anticipate who can win and who can lose with the gap left by the South Korean firm.

Those responsible for LG in Spain said that the mobile industry was not offering profit margins that a giant like LG needed to justify its continuity, especially in a scenario where focus on more productive businesses for them it would probably be a more balanced and positive decision in the medium term.

Perhaps many may think that the Chinese manufacturers will then be the ones called to occupy the site of LG, although the truth is that this is an analysis that requires a pause and a more conscientious vision that we are now going to try to offer you.

Evolution of LG in the mobile market

LG's mobile sales in the United States, a 9% share that remains without an owner.

In fact, it is that as you will see in a representative market such as the United States, LG kept a very remarkable 9% share, with 58% of mobile phones sold below $ 150, and It will be here where the OPPO, Motorola, HMD and Xiaomi have your chance.

37% of LG's market was between $ 150 and $ 500, so here Samsung may enter the scene with its most performance mid-range, leaving for herself, for Apple and for Xiaomi more premium mobiles the option of keep that 5% of mobiles over $ 500 that LG was still selling.

Be that as it may, we cannot ignore the continued decline recorded by LG in recent years, something that was undeniable and that has led the South Korean leadership to divert all your resources to more productive markets for them, after studying a sale of the mobile subsidiary that finally did not take place.

Evolution of LG in the mobile market

This is how badly LG Mobile evolved in its last years.

The guys at LG will be missed, especially their R&D team!

Numbers up or numbers down, the truth is that We will miss LG a lot in the smartphone industry, and that is the Seoul-based manufacturer we couldn't have asked for much more at least in terms of bravery and innovation.

You can be blamed for many wrong decisions, perhaps wrong pricing policies, and even that sometimes excessive need to differentiate itself from Samsung, but we all have to recognize that LG's years as a phone maker have been fruitful in terms of new features, daring and cutting-edge technologies.

Not surprisingly, LG was many times a pioneer, from that first smartphone with an autostereoscopic 3D screen which paved the way for the Nintendo 3DS, a more eye-catching LG Optimus 3D than anything else, and which would later be joined in this family of eye-catching experiments by another LG icon, a G Flex with a curved panel and a capable nano-coating back. to self-repair small micro-marks and friction.


LG always has a different idea of ​​facing mobile design, from 3D screens, curved panels, self-repairing backs, modular chassis and always avant-garde options that we will certainly miss.

They were not the only experiments of an LG that collected the glove of Project ARA with his LG G5 and his modular Friends, just after first testing an attractive leather back for his LG G4 and shortly before embarking on a design full view that nobody had at that time with the innovative LG G6 and its 21: 9 format.

There was more, and that is that LG also tested the double screen in an LG V ThinQ family that was born to bring the maximum exponent of LG avant-garde closer, later testing the Hi-Fi sound with dedicated Quad-DACs.

We will see if any manufacturer dares to pick up the glove of audacity that LG leaves, because at this point we do not see anyone with the imaginative capacity that South Koreans always boasted.

His last big projects revolved around accessory screens, with an LG G8x boasting of the accessory Dual Screen as an alternative to folding screens, ideas that later gave way to the last great madness of the manufacturer, in the form of an LG Wing that will still be on sale until the summer, and that has a sliding system that gives way to a double screen in the shape of a "T".

If there was a maxim in LG it was that innovation is not negotiated in a voracious industry, which had eaten giants like HTC by standing still and which in this case is leading an LG that will leave us a void that is difficult to fill, not in number of devices surely or in number of options, but yes in R&D, in avant-garde and in a daring That no one seems to want to match

Serve as an epilogue… Thanks for everything LG, we will miss you!

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