When Google was about to buy WhatsApp for 1 billion dollars in 2013

Google buying WhatsApp? It could have happened.

It is possibly the most popular application in the world. Today, few smartphone users do not have WhatsApp installed on their mobile device, and despite the fact that there are better alternatives, the app is now owned by Facebook was the first to arrive and therefore to succeed.

At a time when SMS was paid, WhatsApp came with a clear goal: being able to communicate with all our contacts in a simple, fast and above all free way.

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So popular was it among smartphone users that even a giant like Google took an interest in it back in 2013. Can you imagine that the Mountain View company had taken over WhatsApp? How history would have changed.

Google could have bought WhatsApp for 1 billion dollars

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What would have happened if Google had bought WhatsApp?

It was 2013, Android smartphones began to reign and more and more users owned a smartphone ... and therefore more and more users used WhatsApp to communicate with their relatives and acquaintances.

At this time the rumors also began to abound. Some media like Digital Trends claimed that Google was holding conversations with WhatsApp for its acquisition. The price? About $ 1 billion, almost nothing.

Google needed its own messaging app to compete against Apple's iMessage and WhatsApp was going to be the tool of choice. Of course none of this happened as you can imagine since Facebook arrived a short time later and acquired WhatsApp for a value of 16,000 million dollars.

In the end, Google chose to develop its own messaging application. Along the way we have tried Hangouts or Allo, but in the end nothing has been able to overshadow WhatsApp or iMessage. Even Telegram, a tool of Russian origin, has outperformed any Google attempt.

What would have happened if Google had been able to acquire WhatsApp? We will never know that. What we do know is that nowadays no one can cough into WhatsApp and all this, despite all its privacy and security problems.

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