WhatsApp backs down and will not remove functions from your account by not accepting its new usage policies

You will be able to continue using all the functions of WhatsApp even if you do not accept its new policies. At least for now.

If you have decided not accept the new - and controversial - WhatsApp policies, you can be calm. At least for now, because finally WhatsApp has decided do not apply restraining measures that he had announced at the beginning, and therefore will not remove features of those people who do not agree with the changes.

This has been announced by the company itself on its help page, where it explains that, unlike what was originally announced, "Access to WhatsApp functions will not be removed" as of May 15, the date on which the new policies came into effect.

WhatsApp, icon.

The WhatsApp app icon.

You can continue using WhatsApp even if you do not accept their new policies

The company ensures that, the majority of users who saw the policy update accepted it. However, those who have not yet done so or do not plan to do so, they will continue to see a notification in which it reminds them to review and accept the changes.

In any case, it has been announced that, for now, The functions of the application will not be limited by not accepting the changes in the privacy policies, nor will persistent notifications be displayed.

Only a few weeks ago, WhatsApp had made official the restrictions that would be applied to the accounts of those users who decided not to accept the policies, including prevent access to the chat list or the possibility of receiving messages on the mobile. Some measures that many considered too restrictive, but that WhatsApp has finally decided to discard.

Therefore, if you want use WhatsApp without accepting the new privacy policies, you can without fear of losing application functionalities. However, it is likely that sooner or later the company will take action in this regard, with the aim of encouraging all its users to go through the hoop and accept the changes.

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