What is missing from folding mobiles so that they are finally mainstream

Every time they are better but ... what do you need to improve the folding terminals?

Much is said about the current lack of innovation in mobile phones. The truth is that you only have to see the latest releases to verify that indeed, they all have the same design, the same screen, the same processors and practically the same quality of photography.

The only thing that could break this monotony is flip phones. Now, we are all aware of the problems of these terminals and it is that today they are far from being considered an industry standard.

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But, What is it that folding mobiles lack to become a mass phenomenon? We analyze it.

Android remains untapped

Samsung Galazy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 receives stable update to Android 11

We start with the basics, the software of these terminals. Android is undoubtedly a great mobile operating system but unfortunately not yet designed to get the most out of folding screens.

With each update it seems that the thing is better and it is possible that thanks to Android 12 the support for folding screens reaches its maximum fullness, but the truth is that today the experience of using a terminal of these characteristics is not entirely satisfactory.

To this must be added the variety of customization layers existing in the market (Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and more), which complicates the development of applications designed for folding screens.

Improve your fragility

Samsung Galaxy Fold broken

A broken Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Do you remember the first Samsung Galaxy Fold? Many folding terminals did not exceed their first days of life and it is to design a folding phone that is also resistant, it's not really easy.

By luck the most modern versions of these terminals have corrected most of the design problems which made these terminals extremely fragile but there is still a long way to go.

Its high price

galaxy z fold 2 resource

The Galaxy Z Fold is comfortable to handle with one hand, albeit heavy.

And we end with something really important and that is the first thing we look at when purchasing a new mobile device: its price.

The price of folding mobiles is high, too high. Obviously they are terminals with a really new technology but paying up to 2,000 dollars that one of these terminals costs to find products with little-used software and a fragile design, is not a dish of good taste for many.

We sincerely hope that folding terminals have a price for the people. Foldable phones at normal high-end prices? We sign right now.

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