we compare remote search on Android, Xiaomi and Samsung

We compare three of the most important mobile location systems in Android: the system itself, the one offered by Samsung and the one found in Xiaomi mobiles. Search for lost mobile, remote erase and added options. Which of the three is more complete?

Losing a phone, or having it stolen, is one of the worst experiences you can suffer. Not only because of the disappearance of the device, but also because of the loss of everything associated with it. Contacts, WhatsApp messages, photos and a multitude of other content that it is irreplaceable and that, if it was not backed up by some backup, it will be lost forever. Although you never have to throw in the towel, we may be able to find the phone.

Samsung and Xiaomi have their own locator

Find Lost Samsung Mobile

Given that Android is widely customizable, and that each manufacturer provides its own applications and services, in the end there are never two phones exactly the same, especially if we compare them by brand. And this also applies to the 'Find my device' function: apart from Android's own, Samsung and Xiaomi have their own way of looking for a lost mobile, integrated into their respective custom layers.

How to find your lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy even if you have no connection

For all three, the basic function is identical: based on the location of the stolen or lost mobile, both Google, Samsung and Xiaomi offer a way to put the device on the map so that its rightful owner can find it. This will always depend on whether the mobile is switched on and connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the last location registered on the servers will be received.

The basic operation is identical in all three, also other related actions that can be operated remotely:

  • Make it ring. What did you lose the phone at home? With the three security services you can make the mobile ring at maximum volume.

  • Device Lock ('Lost Mode' on Xiaomi). With this function, the mobile lock can be activated so that whoever finds it cannot access it (at least as long as the password is not known). The phone will stay connected, it will also send the location.

  • Remote erase. By means of this function all the contents of the phone will be deleted. It is a remote format or factory reset: perform this action only if you do not trust to recover your mobile and you do not want anyone to access what is stored inside.

Find Lost Xiaomi Mobile Find a lost or stolen Xiaomi mobile

These three functions are common to the three security location systems: all you have to do is log into their respective websites (this one for Android, this one for Samsung and here that of Xiaomi), look for the option to locate the device and choose what you deem convenient. Beyond here, Samsung is the one that offers the most added functions with which to remotely control the phone: it is worth knowing them all.

Samsung has the best anti-theft system

Find Lost Samsung Mobile

After testing the different ways of locating, both the generic one in Android and that of Samsung and Xiaomi, we can conclude that all three are more or less identical in search terms: all put on the map the location of the phone (or the last known one); in addition to the two added options already mentioned: blocking and remote deletion. The respective systems are effective and very simple to use: just log in to their search page to locate any of the registered devices. Now, Samsung stands out for the amount of added options.

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If you have a Samsung mobile you can perform many more actions remotely. They are as follows:

  • Track location. You can have the security service mark an itinerary with the phone's location by forcing the device to send your location every 15 minutes.

  • Backup copy. What did you lose or have your phone stolen without having done a backup beforehand? You can do it remotely to make sure you don't lose anything. Although yes, the mobile must remain connected while uploading the backup, so it is also a matter of luck.

  • Retrieve calls and messages. As in the backup, you can get a copy of calls and SMS remotely and without physically having the phone.

  • Unlock the mobile. Imagine that you leave your mobile phone at home and someone has to look at some data registered on it. How to do it? You can remotely unlock it so that the other person has access.

  • Extend the battery. When a mobile is turned off it loses most of the chances of being found. For this reason, Samsung includes the option to save battery remotely: in this way the phone will stay on, and located, for much longer.

  • Set guardians. This security feature allows you to choose which other users will have access to the phone. They are the so-called 'tutors': they will also have access to the search for the device as well as to activate the emergency mode or the 'Make it ring'. It is suitable for parents who have children with a Samsung mobile.

All these options added to the remote location of a lost or stolen mobile get that Samsung's service is noticeably more complete and functional, all an added value to the phone itself. It is convenient to know all the functions if you have a mobile from this manufacturer since they can be very useful.

How to activate mobile search

Find Lost Xiaomi Mobile

Although the search for the phone is an option that can save you from losing it permanently, it is not something that is activated by default on the mobile since you must be the one to turn it on. This is because it is essential to share private information with companies; such as location, remote access to the device or messages, for example. Even so, each brand usually asks for permission in the initial configuration, so you probably have the search active.

Although the safest thing is that you have the remote location active, you should make sure.

Find your device on Android

Find Lost Mobile Android

Google offers the generic search function, you just have to make sure it is turned on by following these steps:

  • Access your Android settings and look for Google options.

  • Go to the 'Security' options.

  • Go to 'Find my device' and make sure it is activated.

Once you have activated the native Android option to locate lost or stolen mobile phones, you only have to access this web page to find any mobile or tablet that you have in your account. In addition, Google offers an application with which to make the search easier.

Find my Google device

Find my Google device

Find your lost or stolen Xiaomi

Find Lost Xiaomi Mobile

Apart from the generic Android option, which you can also use, with a Xiaomi mobile you have a second way to locate your phone. Of course, you must activate it, let's see how it is done.

  • Open the settings of your Xiaomi mobile and go to the 'Mi Account' options.

  • Enter 'Xiaomi Cloud'.

  • Go to 'Find Device', within the 'Protect Data' options.

  • Click on 'Turn on Find Device' to activate the location (you must enter the password of your Mi account). In the event that you already had the location active, the message would be 'Turn off' or turn off.

From the moment you activate 'Find my device' on your Xiaomi you can access your location from the web options of the My account. You just have to go to this link, log in and enter the phone search.

Activate Samsung remote search

Find Lost Samsung Mobile

As with Xiaomi phones, Samsung offers its own search for lost or stolen phones. As we have already seen, such a search has more tools apart from localization, all an added security that you have just by buying a device from this manufacturer. And it is activated as follows:

  • Access your Samsung mobile settings and go to 'Biometrics and security'.

  • Find the option 'Find my mobile' and activate it (you may have to log in with your Samsung account).

  • Enter the options and check the 'Remote unlock' and the 'Send my last location' to have all the remote tools available.

With the Samsung location service active on the phone, you can find it at any time by going to this manufacturer's page. From there you will have access to all the remote tools with which to manage a lost or stolen mobile.

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