use your mobile even to boot

Start your car with your mobile? It will be possible with Android 12 and its new "Digital Car Key" function.

Google wants that you can forget your car keys forever, and use your Android mobile to unlock its doors, and even to boot it.

During Google I / O 2021, the company announced the arrival of new features to Android 12 aimed at making our devices "work better together." Among them is the tool called “digital car key”, with which to be able to access your car without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Unlock the car with your mobile on Android 12

You can unlock, and even start your car with your mobile thanks to Android 12.

It will work first on Pixel and Samsung mobiles

To function, this function is based on the Ultra Wideband technology connectivity including some of the latest smartphones and cars.

The tool will be integrated directly into Android 12, and will allow lock, unlock or even start the car, all from the mobile.

Digital car key on Android 12.

The Android 12 digital key interface.

In addition, in those models that have NFC, it will suffice with bring the mobile closer to the car to unlock its doors. All information remains encrypted and secure, and if necessary, it will be possible share the digital key with friends or family In a simple way.

Initially, the digital key function will be available in some Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartphones, and Google has confirmed to be working with brands like BMW to bring this function closer to a growing audience.

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