Update your Samsung! May patches fix major Qualcomm modem vulnerability

Samsung announces the inclusion in the May patches of a major security fix for Qualcomm's modem.

Today and with the amount of information that we handle daily on the smartphone, it is logical that these devices have become top priority of any hacker group, so we always strongly recommend that keep your devices well updated and take care of the applications and permissions that you grant on your mobile.

In any case, vulnerabilities always arise that as users we will not be able to correct directly either, so it is good to know that companies like Check Point Research dedicate themselves to exploring this type of security flaws to warn almost on-line, as happened a few days ago with a problem found in Qualcomm modems massively used in smartphones globally.

One UI 3

One UI 3 is the latest version of Samsung software based on Android 11.

The problem was immediately communicated to the San Diego company, and it is that this exploit could allow an attacker access to SMS, audio or phone conversation history of an affected mobile, always after introducing some type of malicious code of which, for obvious reasons, no further details have been offered.

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Own Qualcomm confirmed the seriousness of the matter and without waiting, he announced a patch immediately, also stating that since December they had taken measures to correct the situation sharing this information with all your partners and customers.

And now it's her own Samsung who advertises from his Security Post what has directly released the patch for this vulnerability from Qualcomm already included in the security update of May 2021, which many Galaxy devices have received, confirming that since January they have been working with this vulnerability so that "the majority" of your devices are already patched.

They encourage their mass of users from Samsung to always keep your mobiles updated, as it is the only way to be protected against possible security holes like this one.

In fact, Qualcomm also confirms that the patch to correct this vulnerability, with code CVE-2020-11292, will be released with Google's June 2021 security updates, so that it can reach practically all the users of Android phones still with current support.

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