up to 12 days of autonomy and 90 sports on the new smartwatch with rectangular screen

About a year later, the Realme Watch already has a successor. The new Realme Watch 2 rescues the idea of smartwatch with rectangular screen, with a design very similar to its predecessor but some better techniques.

After the original Realme Watch, Realme launched several models with a circular screen: the Realme Watch S and Watch S Pro. The rectangular screen returns in the Realme Watch 2, with a greater autonomy and more than 90 sports activities ready to be registered.

Realme Watch 2 datasheet

Realme Watch 2

Dimensions and weight

257.6 x 35.7 x 12.2 mm
38 g.


1.4 "LCD
320 x 320


Heart sensor
Bluetooth 5.0


315 mAh
Typical duration of 12 days

Additional features

Sleep monitor
Continuous pulse monitor
90 sports activities


46 euros to change

Up to 12 days of autonomy and sports for a while

The new Realme Watch 2 is basically the original Realme Watch with a few tweaks. The smartwatch maintains the same design philosophy with rectangular display with rounded edges, which continues to maintain considerable margins. The screen itself repeats specifications: LCD, 1.4 inches diagonal and with 320 x 320 resolution.

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With this Realme Watch 2 you can measure your sleep, continuously monitor your pulse and analyze the blood oxygen concentration, as well as the smart functions that we are used to finding in a smartwach these days: control of mobile music, find the phone, notifications, stopwatch, weather information and more.


The novelty in the Realme Watch 2 is in the battery, which reaches 315 mAh capacity and should provide a typical duration of 12 days, while it was up to 9 days in the previous model. It has a magnetic charger.

With IP68 resistance, the Realme Watch 2 is waterproof and can record up to 90 sports activities including golf, boxing or yoga, as well as monitoring your sleep. According to Realme, there are over a hundred watchfaces available to customize your look.

Versions and prices of the Realme Watch 2


The Realme Watch 2 is official in Malaysia, where it has an official price of 229 Malaysian ringits, which are 46 euros to change current. At the moment it is unknown if the Realme Watch 2 will sell in other regions or not.

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