Turn your curtain into an iCurtain with this original gadget (and it comes with a discount)

Take one more step in the automation of your home with the SwitchBot Curtain.

Programmable plugs, smart bulbs, robot vacuum cleaners, fingerprint sensor locks ... technology increasingly permeates more areas of Our home and our daily lives, facilitating tasks in a way that, until very recently, would seem to us unthinkable.

Along these lines, today we bring you a curious device with which you can turn your “analog” shades into a state-of-the-art device capable of revolutionizing the natural light and privacy of your home.

Jokes aside, we talked about SwitchBot Curtain, a device similar to a “smart mini-motor” that installed next to your curtain makes it run by itself, being able to schedule your movements based on a defined schedule or activate it through our smartphone, voice control included.

Get the SwitchBot Curtain with an exclusive discount

Say goodbye to making the effort of running or drawing the curtains with SwitchBot Curtain

With an installation process that will not take you more than thirty seconds And an internationally award-winning design, the SwitchBot Curtain fits virtually any type of curtain rail and includes an extended battery up to eight months.

Depending on whether the chosen model is for conventional rails or for cylindrical bars, the price of the SwitchBot Curtain can be increased up to almost 70 euros. However, you will like to know that there is currently a special coupon with which you can save a fifteen% in the final price.

This coupon is valid until the end of the month and it can be applied directly from the SwitchBot website when adding the product to the shopping cart. Before proceeding to the payment process, enter SWITCHBOT15OFF and you will benefit from a 15% off.

A limited promotion that translates into a final price of 55 euros for the bar model and 47 euros for the u-rail adjustable SwitchBot Curtain.

Under these lines, we leave you a video in which you can appreciate how does it work this SwitchBot Curtain.

As you can see, in addition to offering you an extra in the automation of your home by being able to program the movement of your curtains to the maximum, it offers a compact and discreet design capable of supporting curtains of up to eight kilos of weight.

Also includes Touch & Go, a function with which you can run and draw your curtains effortlessly, since the SwitchBot Curtain recognizes even the slightest movement, so when detecting a small pull, the curtains will move by themselves.

Charging ...

Finally, and in case you don't want to eat your head, you should know that the SwitchBot Curtain incorporates a light sensor that will make the curtains draw on their own depending on the sunlight, so they will help you both to save energy and to maximize the light in your home.

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