This YouTube analyzes and improves web page design

Steve Schoeger is a YouTuber with a very specific mission: analyze web page design submitted by their developers, showing how much they can improve by making slight modifications.

He has called this series of videos "Refactoring UI", and at the moment his channel already has seven videos. In them, for more than 10 minutes, he teaches some good practices to improve the user interface of these pages.

In a few minutes you will see how they improve

The truth is that it relaxes a lot to watch the videos and you are hypnotized seeing how it is accommodating different elements on the web, making there is a greater concordance and that things "breathe" better.

For example, the following video shows how you can improve the layout and design of Bad About, a page submitted by its developer:


In this particular video, we see how it is important to pay attention to the small details. It is striking how it is able to improve the appearance of those drawer of publications in a couple of minutes.

A visual history of icons and user interfaces in operating systems since the 1980s

In the latest video, uploaded a week ago, Steve discusses Resolut's design, giving advice so that the design of the entire web is more coherent:


If you are interested in knowing their opinion about your page or a third-party website, you can submit it to Schoeger using a form in Refactoring UI.

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