This way you can deactivate or silence the notifications of the messaging apps and disconnect a bit

The Notifications can take a lot out of our work while we work or they can break the peace of a day off or hours of unwinding at night.

As getting rid of the mobile phone or the PC is not always the most practical solution to disconnect, since we may need other of its functions, we are going to learn how to silence notifications from the three main messaging apps:

How to disable WhatsApp notifications


If you are looking to deactivate the notifications of the most used messaging tool, WhatsApp and lately the most controversial one, since its conditions of use changed, here are the different options.

-Turn off WhasApp notifications in private chats: If you have tired of the beep that sounds if you have your mobile with sound, the warnings, or seeing a forward of a message that at a certain moment you do not feel like or energy or time to read, you can deactivate the notifications, deciding whether you want to remove all or just some of them.

Open WhatsApp, in the upper right part of the general chat there are three aligned dots. Press and go to settings. Select "notifications". You have several options. First, turn off the conversation tones. This way, no sounds will be played when messages arrive. In vibration, so that it does not bother you either, you can choose to be deactivated or default. In the second case, it means that it will vibrate if you have your mobile in vibration mode.

WhatsApp already allows you to silence the notifications of any chat forever: this is how it is done

Further down you can disable notifications in high priority. This means that the messages that someone sends you will no longer be seen on your screen, at the top. This means that if you get a message and you don't feel like seeing it at that moment, WhatsApp won't show it to you while you're using your phone for something else.

-Disable notifications from WhatsApp groups: It may happen that you want to see the notifications of the private chats, but that you prefer to avoid those WhatsApp groups in which, on many occasions, the messages follow each other by seconds.

In that case, within the same notification option you were in, scroll down and you will see that there is a section dedicated to groups. You will have the same options as those presented to do this same in individual conversations.

It's up to you if you want to remove all notifications, only from individual chats or only from group chats.

In addition, you can silence the groups that tire you the most due to their constant activity or in which you have the least interest. Enter the group in question. Click on the green strip, where the name of this group is. There you can mute notifications or customize them. Decide if you want a special notification tone to reach you to differentiate it from the rest, if you want the vibration or not. Also if you want high priority notifications to appear on the screen. Yes You decide to silence the notifications you can do it for eight hours, for a week or forever. This measure is reversible.

Also, remember that if you want to use WhatsApp so that you control what your contacts can see about you, there are some tricks that will help you keep certain information hidden. The last time you connected, if you have read a message or not yet, your profile picture or your status are some of your data that you can decide how to manage.

How to disable Telegram notifications


To deactivate Telegram notifications you must access the three horizontal lines in the upper left part of your PC screen or your mobile device. Press and choose the option Settings or "settings". After this, click on notifications and sounds (or notifications and sounds- in my Telegram Web the options appear in English).

Base, notifications are activated and you can deactivate them according to private chats, group chats or channels.

To deactivate private or group chats you must click on both options. You will see that you can decide if you want to have the notifications activated or deactivated in these "one to one" or group conversations and also if you want a preview of the message to appear on your screen while you do other things with your device, or not. You can choose to disable the vibration, if you want a pop-up notification or not, if you want sound or not. You can add exceptions.

Namely, If you want notifications from certain contacts to appear, you can add those people. This in the case of mobile devices. With the PC you can enable or disable sound notifications and decide if you want a preview of the message or not. You cannot add exceptions from

In the case of channels, you have the same options present as in chats, only it does not allow you to add exceptions. If you silence them, you silence them all.

Yes you only want to mute a group or a few of everyone you are on (or some channels but not all), you must access that group or channel and click on the top line where the name appears. And you have the option to disable notifications. Unlike WhatsApp, it does not give you a time slot.

How to disable notifications for Signal

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In the case of Signal, you will not be able to make a difference between private chats or group conversations when deactivating notifications. To access the settings go to the three vertical points located in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the last option which is the settings. And later click on notifications.

Here the options that Signal offers you are more limited than those of Telegram or WhatsApp. You may simply deactivate notifications and there the vibration is automatically deactivated, the sounds in the chat, the option that the alerts are repeated to you and that it can show you on the screen a preview of a part of the message and the name of the sender.

If you don't want to disable everything, You can also leave the notifications option activated and then deactivate what you are interested in avoiding, such as only avoiding the vibration or only preventing a preview of the message from reaching you.

Why Signal is much more private than WhatsApp even though Facebook can't read your messages either

Another option you have is to remove notifications only for calls. In that case you must deactivate the tab and that would be it. Or if you just want your mobile device to not vibrate when they call you you can keep the notifications tab the same but deactivate the vibration.

The last function you have is to disable what Signal calls events. That is, ** a special notification that you receive every time one of your contacts joins Signal **.

In the case of Signal, if you only want to mute one group, you must access this group, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "group settings". There you can mute notifications in general. Or simply choose to show you only the notifications of the messages in which you are specifically mentioned. You can mute that group for an hour (if, for example, you have a meeting), for eight hours, one day, seven days, or forever.

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