This video is a wonderful return to the mythical sounds and noises of computing from the 90s and Windows that will never come back

The computing of the 90s is one of those things that, despite having existed "recently", has changed a lot, compared to other sectors that in these thirty years (because yes, not from 1990 not ten years ago) have changed less. It is because of that It probably makes us more nostalgic to turn on a Windows 95 computer than to start a car from the same year.

This Tiktok video from the user @shtunner, who has an account dedicated to retro, (and shared on Twitter by Gina Tost) illustrates all those sounds that we have lost in modern computing, and even actions like having to shut down the PC manually with a button after having indicated to the Windows interface that we want to shut down.

The video is a perfect representative of that time when the "towers" were not pretty, and unlike what happens now, we hid them in many cases, instead of having them on top of our tables burning retinas with their RGB LEDs.

From switches to the noises of 56 Kbps modems

The video begins with the pressing of the switch on an old tower, which the author says was his PC in the middle of the 90's. After that, when making the classic beep /beep, which is accompanied by the reading noise of the floppy disk (with which orchestral art is made. After that, we see the relaxing welcome sound of Windows 95, emitted, according to the author, thanks to a Crystal sound card.

Someone has created a vinyl with all the sounds of Windows 95: nostalgia maximum level

The next thing is the sound of the floppy disk when inserting and reading the floppy disk, along with the classic mechanical sound of the keyboards of the time (which is going back to our days). Thanks to the sound card, the 'Duke Nukem 3D' sounds through the speakers. And to connect to the internet, of course, use is made of the 56 Kbps modem and its legendary beeps, which were much more than noise and which, for those who did not know it, made us believe that something was going to explode.

In the end, how could it be otherwise, shtunner turns off his PC, the goodbye sound of Windows 95 sounds, which is like a celebration that something has gone well. After that, the system communicates that it is safe to turn off the computer. After that, actuate the switch a reverse of the ignition and says goodbye to the video.

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