This Twitter account and its Telegram channel automatically follow the day to day vaccination in Spain: this is how you get vaccinated

The Ministry of Health informs promptly through various means, including its website, of the vaccination data in Spain. Very complete information that a new Twitter account and Telegram channel they collect practically automatically with the essential information to understand the situation at a glance.

Both the profile and the channel report on how many people have received the full schedule or at least one dose, as well as the doses that have been delivered, the doses that have been put and what percentage represent those administered with respect to the total received. In addition, it also includes the percentage of people with a complete regimen or a dose by age group.

In two tweets or a single Telegram message, the creation of Toni Cárdenas simplifies essential information on the situation of the vaccination process in Spain

Up-to-the-minute information on vaccination in Spain

Toni Cardenas is the person who has developed these two channels of information sharing the development that makes it possible on GitHub; because if, is open source.

His creation runs every minute, examines the website of the Ministry of Health where vaccination statistics are published in the country and looks at whether the link containing the .ods spreadsheet has changed from the previous check. "If so, he downloads it, with a library he takes out the data he needs and compares it with the spreadsheet of the last day," Cárdenas explains to Genbeta.

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The information is formatted to make it more understandable, with graphics created by symbols as we can see both on Twitter and Telegram, and is published almost automatically. In Telegram this is the case, thanks to its API, while in Twitter it does require the intervention of Cárdenas for its manual publication given the more laborious process required to create a bot in the social network of microblogging.

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