This tool lets you batch download images from Instagram, Google, and almost any website

Although in most cases, when we browse the web downloading an image is as simple as right clicking on it and then clicking on "Save image as"There are always a variety of sites where it is a bit more complicated, and an example that you have surely come across is Instagram.

Social networks like this or Facebook, or even the same Google search engine that removed the view image button, make life a little more difficult for many people. This is where a tool like ImgDownloader can come in handy.

Copy and paste the url and download images and videos immediately

Img Downloader

Img Downloader is used to download images and videos. All you have to do is copy the URL of the site where the images are and paste it on your website. Now, the process is not exactly the same for everything.

If what you want is to download the photos from, for example, a site that deactivates the right click on the images, you can paste the url into and download all images in batch. Now, if you want to download images from Google Images or Instagram, the topic varies.

Batch Download From Google Images

In the case of Google Images, the available option is pretty cool. You just have to click on the "Google" tab and write the keyword that you would search in Google Images. ImgDownloader will offer you the first 100 images of Google results to download in one click, or you can choose one by one the ones you want to download.

For Instagram images the process is a bit more tedious because you can't do something like paste the URL of a profile and download everything, just You can paste the direct URL of a photo or video from Instagram and you will be offered the download in the best resolution.

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