This OnePlus wallpaper shows how much you use your mobile and you don't need to have a OnePlus

OnePlus' experimental software division OneLab has released a wallpaper application that adapts to the use you make of your mobile. With its different color stripes and designs, it will adapt in style according to what type of applications you use.

Personalization is a key factor in Android, not in vain it is possible to turn the appearance of any phone into something completely different. What do you want your Android to look like an iPhone? No problem. Make it similar to Android stock? Nova Launcher is your app. Even there are software from other brands that adapt to the competition, as is the case with Digital Wellpaper, the new OnePlus application. It is extremely curious.

Three dynamic wallpapers that change depending on how you use your Android

Oneplus Digital Wellpaper

Although the application we are talking about is developed by OnePlus, and is official from the brand, that does not imply that it is exclusive to their phones: you can install Digital Wellpaper on any Android as long as it has version 7 or higher. This does not imply that it will work correctly in all of them, of course: any software is susceptible to specific problems.

Copy and paste between mobiles and even computers, this is the new OnePlus app for any Android

What is the application about? As the word game that makes up its name suggests, Digital Wellpaper is a wallpapers app that shows you how well you use your phone. It is based on Digital Wellbeing, that function that most Android devices have and with which it is possible not only to know the use, but also set restrictions to moderate misuse of the smartphone.

Once Digital Wellpaper is installed, it is essential to give you access to use the phone. After granting permission, the wallpaper will take care of change according to the type of apps you use. Digital Wellpaper divides the categories by colors according to these types:

  • Game or games.

  • Social: all applications related to social contacts.

  • Communication and lifestyle (Lyfestyle & communication).

  • Tools or Tools.

  • Information and Business.

  • Entertainment or Entertainment.

Since each category will be expanded in the wallpaper, once you associate their colors you will know how you have used the phone. And without having to open Digital Wellbeing or access battery use: Digital Wellpaper gives you that information at a glance.

Oneplus Digital Wellpaper

The three wallpapers that are currently included in the app are designed in keeping with the OnePlus aesthetic. They are attractive, colorful, offer a modern design and they work as expected. They do consume a bit more battery than a static background, but it shouldn't be a problem either.

Oneplus Digital Wellpaper

You can download Digital Wellpaper to your Android right now: the app is free, no ads, no in-app purchases and it also does not have strange permissions beyond the aforementioned access to the use of the telephone. And, as we said, it is not exclusive to OnePlus phones.



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