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this is how it works in Edge Canary

Long ago, in the battle of mobile browsers, Microsoft decided to create a new Chromium-based application. We are talking about Microsoft Edge, which recently landed on Google Play in its most experimental version: Edge Canary. In this way, as with Chrome Canary, Microsoft allows anyone to experiment with the news that will soon arrive in the stable version of Edge.

Now, thanks to an update to Microsoft Edge Canary for Windows 10 and Android, it has started to enable a new feature that allows us send tabs to different devices. That is, we can open a page on the PC and send it to our phone. Let's see what it consists of.

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From PC to mobile or vice versa

Microsoft has started rolling out an update to Edge Canary for Windows 10 and Android that, as we say, includes a new feature to send tabs to different devices. This tool, similar to the feature Chromium "Send to My Devices", eliminates the need to use bookmarks, tab synchronization, history or email function when a user has to share a URL to himself.

As explained in Windows Lastest, to use the "Send to my devices" function you need to have the version Edge Canary 92.0.873.0 on the computer and Edge Canary 92.0.870.0 on Android. Once we have updated both browsers, the process is as follows:

  • On your computer, right-click on a link or tab and select the option 'Send link to [nombre del dispositivo]. You can also access the function directly from the address bar.

Microsoft Edge Windows

  • With this, you will send the current page to your second Windows device or Android phone, as long as you have also started on the other device sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • If you have the function enabled on your phone, you will receive an alert That includes the URL, the page name and the device from which you have shared it.

Microsoft Edge Android Images: Windows Lastest

In the case of Microsoft Edge for Android, you must press the option 'Share on my device' which you will find in the 'Share' menu and select the device from the list. The link will instantly appear in the Windows 10 notification center. Clicking the notification on Android or Windows will open the shared page in Microsoft Edge.

As it is a progressive deployment, at the moment it is only available for some users. In Engadget Android, we have tried to run it, but we do not have the latest update. Windows Lastest ensures that it is possible to share tabs between Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and Android without problems, but the function is not yet available on macOS.

Microsoft Edge Canary

Microsoft Edge Canary

Via | Windows Lastest