This is how the emojis on your mobile with Android 12 will change

Find out how the emojis on your mobile will change when the update to Android 12 arrives.

The emojis from your mobile are about to change, again. With the beta version of Android 12 released by Google in I / O 2021, a new one was introduced emoji collection, made up of more than 389 emoticons, some of them redesigned compared to those available in previous versions of the operating system.

From Emojipedia today they offer us the possibility of see how emojis have changed in Android 12, and what new emoticons can expect those who have a mobile compatible with the update to Android 12.

Android 12 emojis

The new emojis of Android 12.

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So are the new emojis of Android 12

Even if emojis are likely to vary In a way, in the final version of Android 12, we can already get a first look at its new look.

As an example, the avocado, mountain, calendar, pizza or bed emojis.

New emojis for Android 12

Some of the new emojis in Android 12.

Interestingly, Google has also decided reverse face mask emoji, so now you have the design I had in Android 10, and not with the renewed in Android 11.

Face mask emoji on Android 12

The mask emoji returns to its original design with Android 12.

However, in this beta version of Android 12, no new emojis included. It is unknown if the final version, which will be released sometime between August and September of this year, will introduce new Unicode standard emoticons. In any case, we must not forget that, just a few months ago, some lucky ones received more than 200 new emojis on their devices.

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